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May 7, 2014

Zola Jewelry


Today in our Maker Spotlight series we are featuring a new Renegade Maker,  Zola Jewelry and Objects!  Gabrielle Miles Silverlight is the designer behind Zola and creates beautifully sculpted jewelry and objects that combines traditional techniques with modern aesthetics.  The Philadelphia based designer was inspired by coastal landscapes, embracing the aesthetic of “organic geometry.”


Gabrielle studied at Massachusetts College of Art where her curiosity for many mediums grew.  Interests in sculpting and cast metal led to Gabrielle’s creation of unique wall objects and jewelry.


Gabrielle utilizes traditional techniques such as hand-carved wax for bronze casting and hand-formed ceramic sculpting.  The finite detail and rough edging in her pieces display the painstaking work and skill in her hands.


The Zola collection is always surprising.  Gabrielle’s designs explore how a material can be manipulated into something wholly new and interesting.  Her line of jewelry aims to be “unexpected, tactile, and elegant” pieces that fit seamlessly into an everyday wardrobe.


Each piece of jewelry reflects the juxtaposition of rough edges and sweeping curves inherent in those coastal landscapes Gabrielle often finds inspiration.  The stoneware bracelets look as if the ocean water had forged the bracelets itself.

Zola_2 Zola_3


We love these geometric wall planters and how they instantly add a unique and surprisingly playful touch to any room.

We are so excited to have first-time Renegade Maker, Zola Jewelry and Objects join us for our first-ever Brooklyn Mini Market on May 18th!  Be sure to view her collection and her instagram feed to see all the beautifully crafted objects she’s currently creating.  See you all in Brooklyn soon!