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May 8, 2014

Peg and Awl


Today in our Maker Spotlight series we’re featuring Pennyslvania makers, Peg and Awl!  We’ve been fans of Peg and Awl for quite some time now, and are so excited to have them join us in Brooklyn for our Mini Market!


If you’re not familiar with their work, Peg and Awl is a jack-of-all-trades team featuring husband and wife: Margaux and Walter Kent.  Peg and Awl began in 2010 – shortly after Walter returned from Iraq.  Living in an 1800s house in Philadelphia, Margaux and Walter foraged for vintage objects and materials to suite their home.  If they can’t find what they’re looking for – they build it.  Walter worked alongside his father as a cabinet maker and restorer of old homes.  The first thing Margaux asked Walter to make was a tub caddy, and since then, the motivation to resource and create housewares from vintage materials helped start Peg and Awl.


Everything Peg and Awl produces starts out as something Margaux and Walter created to fit a need.  This explains the vast variety of objects they offer; from kitchen accessories to  dry goods, Peg and Awl creates something new out of the old.  Once the object is created, it is tested until it reaches their standards.  If they like it, they’ll produce more for the rest of the world.


We are obsessed with their Dry Goods collection, particularly the waxed canvas weekender.  It’s a bag that suites everyone’s traveling needs.  Peg and Awl’s passion to revive the old, creating pieces from antique hardware and materials, is evident in every object they make.

Margaux and Walter graciously offered us a sneak peek into their studio, and we couldn’t be more inspired by the detail and craft in their studio and home.


We love these chalkboard tablets!  They are the perfect tool for keeping things organized in the home.
CHPad Studio-Laura

Margaux and Walter live with their two boys, Søren and Silas, who are following in their parents’ crafting footsteps, plus 2 chickens, and one cat.


We can’t wait to see what more incredibly crafted goods Peg and Awl will be bringing to our Mini Market in Brooklyn!


Be sure to check out the Peg and Awl website as well as their Twitter and Instagram to see the picaresque setting where these objects are created.  See you all in Brooklyn on May 18!