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May 5, 2014

Small Batch Production


Happy Monday everyone!  Today in our Maker Spotlight series we are featuring a New-York Based maker, Small Batch Production.  In 2011, Claire Tipley created Small Batch Production in her upstate New York studio.  Her ideas were born out of a love for simple design, natural fibers, and common every day objects.  These well-crafted aprons and home textiles will be showcased in Brooklyn at our first-ever Mini Market on May 18th!


We absolutely love the masculine-feminine appeal of Claire’s aesthetics.  From the chambray apron to the classic stripes and checks dish towels, Small Batch Production’s utilitarian kitchen textiles are perfect for everyone’s home.


Small Batch Production makes a point to source materials from socially and environmentally sound companies.  The quality of natural linen, hemp, and organic cotton that Claire uses in her products is appreciated by anyone who has experienced the absorption and endurance of these timeless fabrics.

While the utilitarian designs of Small Batch Production may look simple, Claire’s thoughtful deliberation on the construction of each object creates a well-made product that will last both in durability and aesthetics.


Claire’s enthusiasm for natural fibers and their usefulness sparks new inspirations for every project.  Careful experimentation and tests are done until the construction meets her approval.  Functional elements in Small Batch Production objects are chosen for a reason – the humble corner loop of a dish towel remains as the tried and true necessity in the utilitarian kitchen.  Every item, from concept to execution is designed, cut, pressed, and sewn in the Small Batch Production workshop.

DSC_4278 SBP1

We are so thrilled to have Small Batch Production join us on May 18th for our Brooklyn Mini Market!  Be sure to follow her on Facebook as well as preview her work on her Etsy shop.