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Renegade Craft Fair

July 7, 2015

Ropemaker by Dana


Today we’re featuring LA maker, Ropemaker by Dana Funaro. Dana will be bringing her jewelry and designs to our LA Fair this weekend at Grand Park!


Ropemaker is inspired by Dana’s travels and embodies traditional craft fused with minimalist design. Living in Southern California, Dana has the opportunity to enjoy various landscapes year-round. From the coast, mountains, forests, or deserts, discovering new places and their unique color sequences awakens Dana’s creative being.


Dana’s process is very meditative. Creating objects with her hands gives her a sense of focus and peace, very much like that of being on a new adventure. The tactility and versatility of working with fiber offers a very special enjoyment. Rope is strong and flexible and by binding it with silk thread Dana is able to make it soft and delicate.


In addition to the Ropermaker jewelry line, Dana has recently continued a series of rust prints and paintings she began in 2004 while receiving her BFA. By using various metals and oxidation accelerants to create rust impressions Dana developed an interest in the reactions of natural elements and the patterns and colors created. This process of decay turns to serene horizons in the distance or explosions in space, ultimately questioning time.

DF_eclipse DF_horizon_monumentvalleyWe can’t wait to see Dana’s new work at our LA Fair this weekend! Fun fact: Funaro in Italian means “rope maker.” You can find Ropemaker online here: