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July 8, 2015

I’m Gorgeous Inside

014-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-9973It was sometime last July when we had to chance to meet up with Hiroko of I’m Gorgeous Inside. Hiroko Watanabe’s home is part studio, part museum, part curiosity shop. We could’ve spent hours, days, in Hiroko’s home, but that may have made us rude guests. Every nook of her home has a unique vignette and its own special storyline. Hiroko is a creative director, vintage purveyor, and maker. She sells at vintage fairs around Southern California, consults for companies, and then quietly creates beautiful textile work at home. Here is our visual journal of our experience:
023-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-0003041-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-0051 039-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-0047 036-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-0040 035-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-0037 032-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-0029 033-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-0031 029-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-0016 024-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-0004 017-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-9983 013-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-9971 007-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-9952 006-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-9948 005-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-9947 004-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-9941 003-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-9939 034-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-0036 042-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-0056 043-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-0057020-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-9989052-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-0084053-2015RCF-I'm Gorgeous Inside-0089Hiroko’s booth displays are always one of the best at our LA and San Francisco Fairs. She uses her one-of-a-kind style and vintage treasures to create a truly memorable experience. I’m Gorgeous Inside will be at our LA Fair this weekend, so stop by and say hello! In the meantime, if you can’t get enough of Hiroko’s style, you can browse all the photos from our visit on Flickr.