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July 7, 2015

Heist Jewelry

Brown Bucket Bag

Our epic San Francisco Fair is just around the corner and we cannot wait to be by the water at Fort Mason. Kicking off our Maker Spotlight for San Francisco is none other than Heist Jewelry.
Heist is timeless leather and jewelry design for everyday. Started by Tiffany Zadi, Heist focuses their efforts on using ethically sourced leather and solely use free-range buffalo leather and salvaged leather from everything from coats to couches.
Tiffany’s goal is to make timeless, high-quality pieces that are effortless enough to wear and use everyday. She strives to save as much landfill-bound material as possible and Heist never supports factory-farming operations.


Being a cog in the machine has never held any appeal to Tiffany. Despite that fact, she found herself on the straight and narrow after she graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree. Tiffany had started a jewelry line, gained some traction but ultimately struggled getting it off the ground and decided to set her mind on law school. But just one year after enrolling she was back to making and selling her designs on the side.


It wasn’t long before Tiffany began plotting her way to independence. Soon the days were too short to keep up with her growing design business, officially called Heist, and she had to make a decision. For Tiffany, the choice was easy.


Now, Tiffany is a full-time leather worker and a proud entrepreneur, forging ahead on her own path. She makes Heist for those who march to their own beat, live life on their own terms, and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. She always root for the underdog and loves a good self-made success story. Heist is inspired by the old and dilapidated, tropical living and minimalist design. Messenger Bags-5We can’t wait to see Heist at our San Francisco Fair on July 18+19 at Fort Mason! You can find Tiffany and Heist Jewelry online here: