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Renegade Craft Fair

Renegade Pop-Up @ Pitchfork Music Festival

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Renegade Craft Pop-Up @ Pitchfork Music Festival!

We are so excited to have you as a part of our community! Please read through our Participation Kit to get ready for the Fair. Please take a moment to click through and read each section, which has detailed and important information. We can’t wait to see you and what you’ve been making!


Congrats, you’ve been accepted to Renegade @ Pitchfork Music Festival!

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Prior to the Fair, send us your questions and ideas via email to Info@RenegadeCraft.com. We will get back to you asap during regular working hours M-TH.

At The Fair

During the weekend of the Fair, you can find our team at our Info Booth located in the Renegade/Chirp tent near the entrance closest to the stages.

There is not an official check-in, but please feel free to pop by our Info Booth at anytime to say Hi, ask a question, share ideas, or meet the Renegade team.

We will have complimentary enamel pins and stickers available while supplies last.

Text or Call

You can also call or text our on-site crew on the Rc hotline phone. That number is: 312-723-5867.

Your Onsite Crew

☺︎ Meet our team here

Participants must fill out this form to submit names for festival passes and to sign Pitchfork’s waiver. Please submit the form by June 30, thank you!

Each business will be allowed four people per day to work their booth, and each will receive a General Admission Vendor Wristband.

You must provide the four full names of staff that will be present in your booth each day. Staff can check in each day at the vendor entrance.

Pitchfork Music Festival

Renegade’s Pop-Up

venue + address:

Union Park
1501 W. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60606

festival notes:
  • Pitchfork Music Festival will take place July 19-21, 2024 from 12pm – 10pm.
  • You will need a valid photo ID to enter.
  • Children 10 and under can attend the festival for free.
  • Service animals are welcome! Sorry, your adorable pets are not permitted.
  • Please visit Pitchfork’s website for detailed information of what’s permitted to bring into the Festival, and much much more.
  • Vendors are welcome to bring in snacks and drinks if they enter during set-up times or via the vendor entrance during fest times.
set-up notes:
  • This Fair will be held outdoors, rain or shine, within the Pitchfork Music Festival at Union Park.
  • Renegade’s area will be tented. No pop-up tents are allowed.
  • We will be sharing one large tent and set-up alongside Chirp Record Fair.
  • There will be ambient string lighting throughout the tent.

venue character:

Our Pop-Up takes place inside Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago’s Union Park, so be festival-ready! Comfortable shoes, sun protection, layers from day to night, water and snacks are a must. The Pop-Up is curated under a large tent on a tennis court that we share with a vinyl record marketplace. Get ready for a weekend of good music & good vibes!

  • Pitchfork Music Festival is committed to making its facilities accessible and usable by all patrons and visitors. There are ramps from the sidewalks to the street, ADA restrooms, and an ADA entrance.
  • They have designated viewing platforms for ADA festival attendees at all three stages.
  • Please contact Pitchfork ahead of time with any questions, needs or concerns. If you need space to store any equipment such as oxygen tanks or insulin, please email them ahead of time at info@pitchforkmusicfestival.com, so that they can make accommodations.



Head here to reserve rental items, including tables, chairs, garment racks, and table linens.

+ Rental orders are due by June 30.

  • Pitchfork provides tenting, no need to bring your own or rent.
  • There will be ambient string lighting throughout the tent.
  • If you’re booth is located along the outer edge of the tent, you will have a backdrop to help protect from the elements.

WiFi is not available at this Fair. We recommend contacting your cellular service provider for a mobile hotspot, running offline sales, or buying a universal hotspot to use at the event. In any case, please test your tech before the event.


Access to electricity is not readily available, and is only considered if you need it for your product. Please get in touch if you have additional questions.

At the Fair

If you rent tables or clothing racks, those will be placed in your space. If you rent table linens or chairs through us, you will need to pick them up from the Info Booth during load-in.

Depending on which size booth you applied for, your footprint at the Fair measures 3’x6’ for a shared booth, 6’x6’ for a full booth, or 6’x12′ for a double booth.

Each 6’x6′ booth will be marked on the ground in chalk. There is no pipe or drape to divide each booth, so please plan accordingly. Be mindful of your setup to ensure the back and sides of your booth aren’t obtrusive to your booth neighbors.

Only the items you applied with are allowed to be sold at the event. If you outsource any of the items in your collection, you may only sell the items you’ve designed or made yourself.

Please note that shared booths most typically are oriented with the shortest side facing the aisle. Please work with your booth partner and plan your setup and rental needs accordingly.

Read more about shared booths below.

If you signed up for a shared booth, you will receive your booth mate’s contact information after curation around June 25.

Please get in touch with each other as soon as you are introduced to discuss your shared booth setup and rentals as needed.

Shared Booth Setups

Please note that shared booths most typically are oriented with the shortest side facing the aisle. Shared booths at this Fair are 3′ wide x 6′ deep. Please work with your booth partner and plan accordingly so that shoppers can browse both of your setups. Read more on sharing a booth here.

Here are a handful of diagrams to give you some ideas on how you could set up a shared booth space. The diagrams are to scale, so please notice how the displays fit within the booth and how much space is available for attendees to browse both of your products.


Booth Number

Your Booth Assignment, the Roster, and Map will be posted after curation is complete, around June 25. Please keep an eye out for an email update from us!


Click the tile for your business on the Roster and make sure all looks great. Here you will find your:

  • Booth Number
  • Artist Profile
  • Location
  • Instagram Link

Your tile and profile will also be added to our Collective, you’re in great company! Please reach out if you need any updates.


Coming soon!

If you requested a corner placement in your application, we tried our best to accommodate your request, however corner placements are not guaranteed. Please see the map for your booth placement.

Thursday Load-In

Load-in will begin on Thursday, July 18 between 6–9pm via Gate 2. Vendors will park in the RHA parking lot (Respiratory Health Association 1440 W Washington Blvd).

Vendor name must be listed for parking pass. To access the lot, vendors will arrive via the alley entrance off Washington. Vendors will receive a parking pass and be directed to their parking space. Once parked and unloaded vendors can receive their wristband and walk their goods over to the park via Gate 2.

When done unloading vendors will remove their vehicle by exiting the lot onto Ogden. No vendors will be able to pull in vehicles on the grounds or up to festival gate. Vendors must transport goods from parked cars via dolly/cart. Once unloaded, vehicles must be removed from the lot.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday Load-In

You will have access to the Festival beginning at 9am on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and you will have until 12pm to setup. You can enter through Gate 2 if you already have your wristbands. If you need to pick-up your wristband you can do so at the Vendor Entrance first and then load-in through either gate.


  • Participants can pick up their wristbands at the Gate 2 at Randolph & Ogden on Thursday, and at the Vendor Entrance on Ashland & Warren on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. Once you’ve gotten your wristband, you should be able to use any festival entrance.
  • If you rent tables or clothing racks, those will be placed in your space. If you rent table linens or chairs through us, you will need to pick them up from our Info Booth located inside the Renegade/Chirp tent during load-in.
  • We will have a few hand trucks available for vendors to use for load-in and out, but we recommend bringing your own if you have one. The hand trucks will be available on a first-come-first-served basis and will require a photo I.D. as collateral.

Load-in Map

Please note that parking is limited in the area and is not guaranteed. The parking that is available is street parking only, so please be very mindful of all posted signage.

The venue will be locked overnight, but we strongly encourage you to take your merchandise and anything valuable with you for the night.

If you choose to leave your displays, merchandise, etc., please note that anything you leave overnight is done so at your own risk. Pitchfork and Renegade Craft Fair are not responsible for any damages or theft that may occur.

Breakdown begins at 10 p.m. Please do not pack up early unless it’s an emergency. Help us make this a smooth and easy load-out by packing up your booth before bringing your car around.

Vendors are responsible for disposing of their own trash at the end of the night! Thank you for doing your part, we appreciate it.

Evacuation Procedure

In the event that an emergency situation does force Renegade Craft to evacuate the event, we must do so in a calm and safe manner. The below information is to help you best prepare yourself and your team in case of evacuation.

We recommend you have a plan in place with the people working in your booth. Have each other’s contact info and designate a place to meet, this could be a vehicle or planned location ahead of time. The best course is to start a group text or email at the beginning of the day and stay in touch as needed. Look for the exit(s) closest and most convenient to access from to your booth.

If there is a possibility of evacuation due to weather, you will be warned as much in advance as possible, and we will keep you updated as decisions are being made both via email and/or text to contacts you provided prior to the event. Wait until weather has subsided before making your way back to the event.

When evacuating the event:

  • Remain calm.
  • Immediately shut down all hazardous operations.
  • Leave quickly.
  • You may take valuables such as cash boxes, tablets, computers or phones that are close at hand, but do not attempt to take large or heavy objects or any of your merchandise. Do not attempt to re-enter the event to retrieve forgotten items.
  • Proceed as quickly as possible away from the event, but in an orderly manner. Do not push or shove. Hold handrails when you are walking on stairs.
  • Go in one direction toward the nearest assembly area(s). See map.
  • Do not block roadways that emergency vehicles might use.
  • Remain in the assembly area and await further instruction from Renegade Staff, Venue Staff, Event Security, or Emergency Responders.

Emergency Assembly Area:

In the event of an evacuation, we suggest following the same instructions provided by Pitchfork. Here are some area businesses that they recommend:

  • Cobra Lounge 235 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60607
  • McDonald’s 1380 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60607
  • Bottom Lounge 1375 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60607
  • Billy Goats Tavern 1535 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60607

If these locations are not available, alternative assembly areas may be designated by Renegade Staff, Venue Staff, Event Security, or Emergency Responders.


We have your credit card stored on file and will charge your booth fee on or shortly after June 17Thank you!

Booth Sizes + Prices

3’x6′ Shared Booth – $415
6’x6′ Full Booth – $865
6’x12′ Double Booth – $1765

If you requested an upgraded corner placement and received one, we will charge your credit card on or after June 25 ($50 for a shared booth, $100 for full booths, $150 for double booths).

If for any reason we’re unable to charge your card, we will send you an invoice. Thanks!

In the event you must cancel your participation:

  • If you cancel before or on the cancellation deadline of June 16, we will not charge the booth fee.
  • If you cancel your participation after the cancellation deadline of June 16, we cannot offer a refund.
  • The $35 application fee for each event canceled is nonrefundable.
  • Once you cancel, you forfeit your spot in the Fair and you are not permitted to sell or trade your space.

All vendors making sales in Illinois are required to report and pay all tax due based on their total receipts within ten (10) days of the close of the Fair.

Once accepted into the event, you can use an Illinois Department of Revenue Special Event Tax Coupon to send to the Department of Revenue along with your payment.

For more information about Illinois sales tax, please visit Illinois Revenue’s website. Renegade and Pitchfork take no responsibility for calculating, reporting, or otherwise having any involvement with such reporting, other than to make you aware of the requirements based on our understanding of IL State regulations with regards to sales at Special Events.

Pitchfork is required to supply a list to the IL Department of Revenue with participating vendor information, including:

1) the name of the business
2) business address
3) individual contact person
4) IL Department of Revenue tax account number (IBT Number) if you have one

How and When to Pay:

If you are an existing business in the State of Illinois with an IBT number, and you regularly make payments to the State, you can include your sales at Pitchfork with your regular filings. There’s no need to make a separate payment using the coupon provided in the Participation Kit.

If you are not an existing business in the State of Illinois, don’t have an IBT number, or don’t make regular payments to the State, simply use the coupon above to remit payment within 10 days of the event as per the instructions on the coupon.

Here is a link to the 2024 Participation Agreement that you electronically signed during the application process. We are excited to work together!

Be on the watch out for people or businesses that are contacting Renegade applicants and vendors and attempting to get them to pay for products or services that are not authorized through us. Many are simply scams or misleading association with us, so even if some are offering legitimate services, we do not endorse any of these companies sending these solicitations, and you are not required to use them.

Examples include: selling our attendee or mailing list to vendors. Accepting application and/or booth fees directly (we only ever take registration through the Renegade Craft website). Hotel discounts and deals that are not affiliated with us. And other similar products and services.

If you see any of these types of solicitations via email, Facebook, Instagram, or other sites please report them through the appropriate channels. Thank you for your help!

We’d love to hear about your experience after the event. Take our survey to let us know. You could win a free booth at an upcoming fair ✿