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November 12, 2014

Erika Barratt


We are so excited to be featuring this new Renegade maker with you all today! Hailing from New York, Erika Barratt has been crafting up these breathtaking dolls and stuffed animals and will be presenting them at our New York Holiday Market this weekend! You do not want to miss stopping by her booth!

From a young age, creating has been an integral part of Erika’s life. Her childhood was spent with a group of women makers in a small Midwest town. Through these women Erika learned the things that she still loves most in life, such as harvesting gardens, basket weaving, embroidering, sewing, baking, and more. These women were influential in cultivating Erika’s lifelong appreciation and love for all things handmade.


Erika relocated to the Arizona desert for school where she was inspired in a completely different way by the landscape and beauty of the Southwest. She received a BFA in fibers and textile arts, falling in love with every aspect of textile processes.


As you can see by the doll above, Erika’s love for everything fiber and textile is translated into each doll. Every aspect of the doll is meticulously and lovingly stitched and embroidered. Just look at that little ukulele!


Erika has now settled in New York with her partner in crime and her little pup Nigel, both who spend their summers with her, treasure hunting at flea markets and taking the backroads. During these adventures, Erika has found inspiration from antique toys and rag dolls; tattered objects imbued with life by the layers of stories from generations of owners who once cherished them. It was here that Erika was inspired and determined to design her own heirlooms with a strong commitment to create an object that is made to last, to be passed down through generations, with carefully sourced materials and antique finds.barratt_erika_sewingmachinedeskdetail

Isn’t Erika Barratt’s work simply stunning? We cannot wait to see the detail of these heirloom dolls and animals at our New York Holiday Market tomorrow and Sunday! If you simply cannot wait until this weekend (and we don’t blame you), check out Erika Barratt’s website, Facebook, and Instagram to see more of her work!