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November 12, 2014

Polaris Books


Today we are thrilled to be featuring Polaris Books by Scout Dunbar. Polaris Books will be at our New York Holiday Market at the Metropolitan Pavilion this weekend!


From start to finish these journals are constructed entirely by Scout Dunbar’s hands. Each cover is created with her own original art that she developed in printmaking studios in both Brooklyn, and Ithaca, NY.

Scout is of the belief that the objects we possess and fill our lives with should have sacred and sentimental meaning to us. As creators and consumers we should be thoughtful of the items brought into this world. By creating these objects with this in mind, Polaris Books aims to embed with in each book their own identity and spirit that can hopefully inspire those who interact with them.


The process for crafting these handmade, hard-covered journals begins with a trip to the printmaking studio. Scout first works to explore different visual and design ideas to be used for the book covers.  The main printmaking process she focuses in is called gum-transfer printing. It allows her to explore color and various ink-application techniques while repeating the initial image. For the more complex cover designs, Scout plays with collage techniques to combine patterns.


Once the covers are complete the rest of the binding process unfolds. From start to finish the journals are constructed entirely by hand, and because each cover is individually designed and hand-printed, no two books are a-like. The colors and patterns change with every cover made in an effort to craft a variety of designs and styles. Each book has its own identity and spirit.


Scout currently live in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Alfred University’s School of Art and Design in 2011, and has since then been working on a number of drawing and printmaking series. Simultaneously Scout has been focusing on creating handmade journals made with her original hand-pulled prints. image_4
I think it’s safe to say we are already in love with Polaris Books, but can’t wait to view these stunning handmade books in person. Be sure to view Scout’s portfolio featuring many of her books, as well as her etsy shop and Instagram to stay updated. Plus, don’t forget to stop by our New York Holiday Market this weekend in Manhattan at the Metropolitan Pavilion! It’s going to be an incredible show you will not want to miss!