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November 13, 2014

Pop-Up Pinhole Co.


We are kicking off our London Maker Spotlights with a fantastic maker!  Pop-Up Pinhole Company will be joining us for our London Holiday Market and we cannot wait to see these cardboard cameras in person!

2_COLOURThe Pop-Up Pinhole Co. was founded by London based designer Kelly Angood who has been crafting pinhole cameras since 2010.
Kelly develops beautiful, educational, and fun DIY pinhole camera kits and manufactures them using independent suppliers and traditional processes.

During her time at university, Kelly designed her first pinhole camera, the ‘pinhole Hasselblad’.  She took the Hasselblad, something exclusive and unattainable and re-imagined it in everyday, accessible materials. The camera soon gained popularity and Kelly began to think about how she could make her design accessible to the public.


Inspired by the interest in her design and the values of sharing and accessibility, Kelly developed the camera into a downloadable 35mm version that could be made at home for everyone to enjoy. What had started out as a personal project now had much of the design community downloading the the camera, building it, and sharing their photos online.


This community was active, engaged and keen to explore pinhole photography even further. It was time for them to have a design they could truly call their own. Through a successful Kickstarter campaign, in 2013 the community brought Videre to life. Over 800 kits were shared with backers from 41 countries across the world. And aren’t you glad they did? These pop-up cameras are incredible!

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Each kit is screen-printed and die-cut individually by hand onto thick recycled card and supplied with instructions, a spare medium format spool (reclaimed from some of the best darkrooms in London) and a precision laser-cut pinhole along with all of the other bits you’ll need to construct your camera. All you need is a 120 film and some craft glue.  10155564_539188892858949_4661205764534416664_n 10264945_539188719525633_128840605233554552_n

We cannot wait to see these pop-up cameras in person at our London Holiday Market on November 22+23 at the Old Truman Brewery. Hopefully many of you will pick up a camera for yourself and share your photos with us! If you’d like to learn more about Pop-Up Pinhole Company, visit their website, Facebook and Tumblr. Plus, see some behind the scenes photos of their process on Instagram!