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April 28, 2015

Bole and Buck


We’ve been swooning over this Maker Spotlight since the photos came in our inbox! We’re thrilled to have Bole and Buck share their wooden wares at our Austin Fair and they’ll also be kicking off the handmade weekend extravaganza at our West Elm Pop-Up on May 14th!
Kyle Tueffert
A quick history. I picked up wood working around eight months ago, having gone to school to study fine art painting and work experience in the professional  culinary field Bole and Buck is a melding of the two in hopes of creating visually beautiful but purposeful art. I couldn’t have imagined the positive  response that has occurred over the past few months, although i feel my drive should not be directed by response either good or bad it has been a reassuring motivator. All kitchen tools are shaped by hand using traditional woodworking technique, and i find that each day there is something new to learn and new inspiration is born.My goals for the future are to continue to innovate and introduce new ideas from kitchen tools and serving boards to a small line of furniture. There is such a beautiful resurgence of makers occurring not just here in the us but all over the world and i hope that we foster a community that pushes each other positivity and respect. I owe everything to those who have supported me and helped along the way i hope i can constantly strive to return that kindness each day.



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