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April 27, 2015

Foxwares Ceramics


Today we’re thrilled to be featuring the gorgeous work of Foxwares Ceramics. Lindsey Wohlgemuth will be bringing her gorgeous ceramic pieces to our Austin Fair May 16+17 at Fair Market!


Lindsey started working with clay while taking ceramics courses at UT. Her interest in ceramics stuck after graduating, and Lindsey bought a kiln to begin working on her own ceramics collection. Foxwares Ceramics contains functional and decorative ceramics for the home. From lanterns and coasters, to mugs and tableware, Lindsey’s pieces are not only gorgeously detailed, they are also meant to be used. We’ve got a deep love for ceramics and needless to say, we want one of everything!


Lindsey is often inspired by her travels. She makes an effort to seek out other ceramicists and finds inspiration in the simplicity of the craft and what some artists can do with so little. When she can, Lindsey visits archeological museums to see the some of the traditional pottery on display, taking in how the process and significance has remained steadfast.


Looking at Linsey’s work, you can see that she has adopted some old world techniques, as traditional patterns, textures, and shape shine through some of her pieces. Although some of Lindsey’s designs start from sketches, much of her designs are born on the wheel, letting the organic shape evolve more naturally than if she were to draw on paper.


For Lindsey, the process is all about trial and error. She finds she can only get better from practicing the process start to finish. When something good comes out of the kiln, Lindsey starts making it in production. Out of that repetition comes more learning and new ideas. The more she makes, the more she learns. Lindsey finds the practice of creating ceramics fascinating. While it may be beautifully simple – just earth and fire- it takes a lifetime to master.

fw-studio-throwingFoxwares webshop is still in the works, so you’ll have to buy all the Foxwares Ceramics pieces at our Austin Fair, unless we get to them first! Fall in love with Lindsey’s entire collection on her website, and follow her on Instagram to stay up to date!