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Renegade Craft Fair

May 4, 2015

Est Wst Collective


Happy Monday, everyone! We’re kicking off this week by getting to know Est Wst Collective. The guys at Est Wst Collective have been working hard to bring aid to rural areas of Nepal and we want to spread the word on how to help them. You can donate to their fund here.Photo_RKTQ_RKBBBL203

EST WST Collective was founded by Jhana and Arya Cayton, a brother-sister team with roots in California and Kathmandu. Their bags are made in a small workshop in Nepal using sustainable and handloom textiles sourced directly from their partner weavers. Colors are drawn from nature and tradition, shedding light on the beauty that persists through a nation in transition.


Inspiration for EST WST was born when the siblings returned to Nepal in 2013, where their parents met 35 years earlier. In an effort to support marginalized populations, EST WST utilizes traditional craft, offering a functional product based in authenticity and sustainability. Collective Salijar Walk

Jhana and Arya work closely with their partner artisans, alternating time spent in Nepal and Northern California to develop new products, work with their weaver collectives on new designs and examine ways they can decrease their environmental impact while increasing their social impact. The regular travel also maintains the authenticity and balance between Eastern and Western aesthetic.

“We put thought into everything we source, incorporating artisanal craft and sustainable materials to ensure each piece has substance and a story behind it.” Even their hangtags are handmade from a natural plant called loktah, which grows like a weed in the foothills of the Himalayas and provides income for women in remote villages. IMG_8698 IMG_8891

Their Himlayan Nettle, which is used extensively throughout the collection is harvested, spun and woven by hand without the use of electricity. Each bag is lined with a waterproof lining made from recycled materials, and a portion of each sale is dedicated to supporting rural populations through clean energy initiatives. IMG_87199

The latest collection, debuting at Renegade’s Austin Fair features a variety of ikats from their collective in India. The designs are all custom made and handwoven using the ancient 12 step process which originated in South Asia. RKBBBL203_Topi

We are so thrilled to have EST WST Collective join us for our Austin Fair on May 16+17 at Fair Market. For more on their story and to stay up to date on new partnerships and travels, follow their instagram, Facebook or check out their website. EST WST is currently on the ground in Nepal working to bring aid and support to those who have not yet been helped. You can donate to their fund here.