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Renegade Craft Fair

Auxiliary Application


Usually, our applicants have a website to share, but if you don’t, that’s ok! Just share a link to any online presence you have so that we can get a sense of your product and business.

Don’t forget to place the full URL in the field. For example https://www.renegadecraft.com

Renegade Craft will consider select designers and curators with ethically sourced or lightly manufactured goods that fit into the Fair’s aesthetic. This includes fair traders and designers who may outsource the production of their goods. Please be as descriptive about your product and process in your application as possible.

You’ll get to select your Fair on Step 2. If you don’t see your Fair on the list, then check out our full list of Application Dates and Notifications. Chances are we either haven’t opened applications for that Fair yet, or we’ve already closed them.

Sign up for our mailing list to get email reminders about when applications are opening and closing!

When selecting more than one Fair, after selecting the first Fair, click into the box again to choose another.

In Step 2, you’ll select your booth size which will include the cost. You can see our full breakdown of prices per booth by Fair in our Booth Sizes + Prices section of our Creative page.

If your business operates out of a truck or trailer, please note that we have two participation options. The Maker + Designer Truck + Trailer option is for businesses selling products out of their vehicle (for example – vintage clothing, candles, etc.), while the Experiential Truck + Trailer option is for businesses hosting activities or has interactive elements (for example – DIY bouquet bar, mix your own perfume, etc.).

For select Fairs, Rc offers the option to request premium corner booth placement for an additional fee. Note! Corner booth placement is not guaranteed. If your application and corner request are accepted, Rc will charge the appropriate fee, within 10 days of acceptance.

The corner placement offers two open sides to attendee traffic which offers potential customers double the access to your beautiful goods!

If you are applying for a Shared Booth, you can request a corner placement, too! Both vendors sharing the space must request and pay for corner booth placement. This placement will open up your booth and allow for more traffic. See the example below.


You can request to share your booth if you would like to be paired with a specific maker. If you don’t have a booth mate in mind, that’s ok! We will thoughtfully pair you with another accepted participant with complementary work.

You can find more details about Booth Shares in our general FAQ.

Good question! Once accepted to the Fair, we offer furniture rentals and other amenities, varying per venue. Rentals often include tables in a variety of sizes, clothing racks, chairs, tents for outdoor events, WiFi, and early load-in, as available. Rental orders can be placed through the Participation Kit upon acceptance.

Unfortunately, Renegade does not guarantee electricity or WiFi at any venue. If you require electricity to participate in the Fair, then please reach out to us. Note that additional fees most likely will incur.