Renegade Craft Fair

Participation Categories


Renegade Craft makers + designers unite inspired design with quality craftsmanship. As the heart of Renegade Fairs, we look for emerging and established makers + designers that create inspired and original products made with exceptional quality, innovation, and care.


Renegade Craft will consider select designers with ethically sourced or lightly manufactured goods that fit into the Fair’s aesthetic. This includes fair traders and designers who may outsource the production of their goods. Please be as descriptive about your product and process in your application as possible.


Serving food + drink prepared onsite, Food Vendors include food trucks, food stands, and ready-to-serve goods such as ice cream and coffee. Our interested and culinary-savvy crowds expect high quality, exciting, and innovative offerings.


Small batch, local ingredients, and beautiful presentation: Pre-Packaged Vendors appeal to attendees looking for high-quality handmade snacks and gifts.


Experiential activations are those offering an experience or service to attendees such as workshops, games, vintage wares, photo ops, beauty bars, portraits, and more. Experientials who charge a fee for their activity or service or sell things in addition to their activation pay the maker + designer rate, since they are vending creative products or services.


If you are interested in creating a free or in-trade activation or installation – DJs, installation artists, free workshops – please contact us here and select “I would like to create an Experience or Installation at a Fair.” We’re excited to work with you!