Join Us!

RCF is seeking Makers + Designers, Food + Drink Purveyors, and Special Features to join our ranks in 2017! We’re on the lookout for artisans pushing the boundaries of craft and design who want to share their vision to make RCF a dynamic and lively happening!


Jury Criteria


Your work is innovative, contemporary, and avoids oversaturated trends. We encourage you to expand your work into new and dynamic places!


You use high quality materials and techniques to make your work. Items are beautiful, durable, and market ready.


Your onsite presence and packaging are well designed and aesthetically appealing. Presentation should be on par with your offerings.


Your onsite presence is eye-catching, welcoming, and well planned. Your participation is interesting and engaging to attendees.


Your work is designed and/or handmade by you, and not sourced in an unethical way. If you outsource your work in any way, please apply using the Ethical Sourcing category.


Your work is cohesive and consistent, and you provide clear examples for us to see this in your online portfolio.


If you are a returning vendor or applicant, your work has progressed since you last applied. We’re always on the lookout for fresh ideas.


The average price of your items falls within what is typical at the Renegade Craft Fair, providing a balance of quality and accessibility for our attendees.

Booth Options

Booth sizes and prices vary widely across all Fairs. For a complete breakdown of booth sizing and pricing, please check out the Apply category that best suits your participation above: Makers + Designers / Food + Drink Purveyors / Special Features.

General booth descriptions are shown below, please choose your booth size carefully on your application. To see more example booths please check us out on Pinterest.

Shared/Half Booth

This is a good option for vendors who have small products or limited inventory, and can use space creatively with others. You will be paired with another accepted participant to coordinate your booth layout. Depending on the specific Fair and Venue, Half Booths can range from 3’x6’ to 5’x10’.

Full Booth

This is our standard sized booth for each Fair. Depending on the specific Fair and Venue, Full Booths can range from 6’x6’ to 10’x10’. This  is a great option for those interested in having a decent-sized display and a good amount of inventory at the Fair. Layout and display options are more open and versatile.

Double Booth

Double Booths are equal to two Full Booths side-by-side. This is an excellent way to make a bigger impact at the Fair, showcase larger work and complex displays, increase your offerings, or to host a Special Feature. Also a great option for Collectives to offer a Showcase. Double Booths range from 6’x12 to 10’x20’.

Mobile Booth

Mobile Booths are movable, compact booth displays that roam throughout the event (for example, a cart on wheels). This is a fun option for folks who want to add an element of surprise and “pop up” throughout the Fair. Interested in bringing a trailer or truck please see our next booth option.


We have limited space to accommodate participants that use trucks or trailers as their setup. Food trucks, Airstream trailers, hitch trailers and more fit under this category. Makers + Designers can apply using the Special Feature category for this option in the application.


Larger / custom footprints are available in limited capacity at the Fairs, but are an excellent way to really stand out in the crowd. Special Features and Sponsors are the best fit for this option, and should provide details and dimensions in their application.

Sponsors + Partners

Sponsors and Marketers interested in participating in one or more of our Fairs, or who would like to connect with our community, can find more information here and fill out our Sponsorship form. Thank you for supporting RCF!