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Renegade Craft Fair

Tax ID Numbers

Chicago + Seattle Requirements

All vendors making sales in Illinois are required to report and pay all tax due based on their total receipts within ten (10) days of the close of the Fair.

Once accepted into the event, you can use the Illinois Department of Revenue Special Event Tax Coupon found in your Participation Kit to send to the Department of Revenue along with your payment.

For more information about Illinois sales tax, please visit Illinois Revenue’s website. Rc takes no responsibility for calculating, reporting, or otherwise having any involvement with such reporting, other than to make you aware of the requirements based on our understanding of IL State regulations with regards to sales at Special Events.

We are required to supply a list to the IL Department of Revenue with participating vendor information, including:

1) the name of the business2) business address3) individual contact person4) IL Department of Revenue tax account number (IBT Number) if you have one

How and When to Pay:

If you are an existing business in the State of Illinois with an IBT number, and you regularly make payments to the State, you can include your sales at Renegade with your regular filings. There’s no need to make a separate payment using the coupon provided in the Participation Kit.

If you are not an existing business in the State of Illinois, don’t have an IBT number, or don’t make regular payments to the State, simply use the coupon found in your Participation Kit to remit payment within 10 days of the event as per the instructions on the coupon.

The City of Seattle asks us to collect your Business License number, if you have one. If your application is pending, please be sure to provide your License number at least two weeks before our Fair date.

Any vendor who does not provide an approved Seattle Business License by the City of Seattle will be required to pay Renegade Craft $20 to accommodate the city’s mandatory Trade Show Licensing fee.

Renegade Craft is not qualified to provide tax advice. For more information about obtaining a Seattle Business License, visit the City of Seattle’s website. If you are unsure whether you already have a Business License, you may look up your business using their online database.