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Renegade Craft Fair

July 2, 2015

The Good Twin


Who doesn’t love what Summer brings? At RCF, we particularly love the colors that come around each year, the bright hues and neons, especially. So when The Good Twin heads to our LA Summer Fair, we get super excited. The Good Twin is owned and operated by Katie Wilson, in Los Angeles, California, and with help from her pug assistant, Peggy Day (napper-in-chief), they produce fun-loving Summer-hued stationery. Though Katie has been a (very good) twin her entire life, the line became a reality in May of 2014, with a focus on better paper goods that bring something a bit different to the table.


There is something quite unique yet familiar about The Good Twin’s collection. It reminds us of that bright and vivacious best friend every girl wanted to have freshman year of high school. The one that had the best taste in clothes and music, and new everyone’s crushes. Needless to say, we want to collect all the cards and trade amongst our friends.


Katie is particularly excited about bringing her new collection to our Fair: Pin+Post. Each design is a 4×6 full color postcard that comes with a diecast enamel lapel pin. The first series has all twelve signs of the zodiac, and the color schemes are based on each sign’s element: air, water, earth, and fire. Just like the rest of The Good Twin’s stationery, Katie hand draws all of the lettering on these postcards.

For the pins, Katie started her design with traditional symbols, slowly playing around with the imagery until she came up with a modern, geometric version that still references the original sign. TheGoodTwin_4

The best part about The Good Twin? All illustration and type work is hand drawn with love, and are printed locally using high quality recycled materials. We cannot wait to see The Good Twin at our LA Fair once again! You can find Katie’s work online here: