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July 1, 2015

Nora Floral Studio

NFS Tall Black and WhiteHappy July, everyone! We’re kicking off the month with features from sunny Southern California. First up, Nora Floral Studio! These gorgeous floral + ceramic pieces will be at our LA Summer Fair July 11+12 at Grand Park.
NFS double triangleNora Flora Studio is a very special floral design company based in Los Angeles. Started by ceramicist and floral designer, Nora Jean Peterson, Nora slip-casts stoneware and porcelain vessels, fills them with plants and flowers and delivers her creations to customers all over L.A.

NFS Black and White Trapezoid

Nora started doing ceramics in high school, and soon apprenticed with a potter in her hometown in East Texas. Her interest in clay led her to a background in sculpture design, that she received from Art Center College of Design.  Before starting her own company, Nora was a practicing sculptor for years, exhibiting in the US and Europe.

NFS three small pots

In 2012, Nora decided to leave the art world and start her floral design business. And we are so glad she did! Nora wanted to design work that anyone could own. At the beginning stages of her floral business, Nora realized that she should be making her own vases and planters. She cut up some of her old sculptures and made them into molds for her first slip-cast pieces.

glazing 1glazing2

For Nora, flowers are simply another material to work with. Arranging them is all about the eye and hand working in tandem; a marriage between color and form. Nora’s floral design stands out by its gentleness. The flowers are not forced into shapes or positions – Nora’s deep respect for natural direction takes patience as well as creative ingenuity.

NFS Yellow FlowerIn Nora’s ceramics, she embraces skewed lines and imperfections. Using layers of high- fire glazes in a gas kiln, produces a glassy and drippy surface. The unpredictable nature of this process creates one-of-a-kind color and pieces. This facet of the process becomes part of Nora’s forms and makes for a pleasant surprise each time.

NFS OrchidWe cannot wait to grab all of these floral arrangements at our LA Fair in just a week and a half! You can find Nora Floral Studio online here: