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June 25, 2015



Today we’re thrilled to be featuring SOYOU! These gorgeous bottles will be making their way to our final Brooklyn Pop-Up this Saturday at East River State Park.


SOYOU is Brooklyn based craft-making studio, formed with an idea that delivers a small pleasure to the people when our products are given to their hands.


SOYOU’s Bottle Project is a collaboration between founder, Youngjoo Sung and artist Jeawon Kim. The two met while studying Fine Arts in school. Both love making crafts using their artistic perspectives on beauty and simplicity that come from a modern and contemporary era.

The motivation for making aromatic ornaments was from Youngjoo and Jeawon’s curiosity on the evolutionary meaning of “vintage” (usually considered old and abandoned). The two work to emphasize the beauty of vintage bottles’ shapes while creating a new look with unique colors and delicate fragrances.

bottles-6SOYOU is inspired by diverse culture, old architecture, and fashion. Youngjoo and Jeawon are always working to find a strong point of view through their pieces and derive much pleasure from the process of creation as a maker which is anchored in sustainability and simple, sculptural form.
bottles-8 bottles-9

Every selected bottle is carefully crafted by hand, at the SOYOU studio in Brooklyn. Youngjoo and Jeawon use the highest quality ingredients making sure everything is entirely free of artificial fragrances, colorings, and genetically modified ingredients.  bottles-10

For Youngjoo and Jeawon, they hope that these ornaments are treasured by their consumers, offering not only a small delight in their home, but also a feeling of stability and relief from stress and fatigue.bottles-11We cannot wait to see these bottles in person and take in all of their fragrances! Don’t forget to stop by our very last Brooklyn Pop-Up this Saturday. You can find SOYOU online here: