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June 23, 2015


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Now that Summer is charging full steam ahead, it’s inevitable that some of us will be donning sunburns on our shoulders. So when we come across beauty products such as Cocoruto, we start planning ahead. Cocoruto will be bringing their handmade body products to our final Brooklyn Pop-Up this Saturday at East River State Park. IMG_7528 edit

Cocoruto is a line of 100% natural skincare products, handcrafted from plant-based ingredients. Extremely effective, and very gentle, all of their products are formulated to nourish and hydrate your skin. Cocoruto sources organic, fair trade, and local ingredients, carefully selecting herbs and essential oils that are safe for a wide variety of skin types.

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Caroline Hall is the creator behind Cocoruto and has been determined to formulate products for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin. Caroline is an apparel designer by trade, but soon found her passion for making natural products shortly after her second daughter was born. She has eczema and food allergies, and her skin is easily irritated. Caroline’s own sensitive skin made it difficult to find skincare products that work for her.

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Caroline believes in using only the most nourishing and essential ingredients in each product. Essential oils are also carefully selected for their healing/therapeutic properties, and not just for their beautiful aromas. All Cocoruto products are made by hand in small batches. Recently, Caroline has expanded her line to include beeswax candles. Burning beeswax candles purifies indoor air by releasing negative ions that bind to toxins. Plus, Caroline uses wax from a local beekeeper. We absolutely love the smell of honey that fills the air when beexwax candles burn, so we are particularly excited about this extension in the Cocoruto line.

IMG_7564 editWe cannot wait to see Caroline and her Cocoruto products again at our Brooklyn Pop-Ups! This Saturday is our last one so be sure to stop by East River State Park to say hello! You can find Cocoruto online here: