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May 11, 2015

Pastrana Studio

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Who doesn’t want to spend time on a Monday looking at gorgeous wooden wares? And by gorgeous, we mean G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Today we’re focusing our eyes on the modern, minimalist designs of Pastrana Studio. The husband and wife duo behind Pastrana will be bringing their wares to the West Elm Pop-Up on May 14th, and our Austin Fair this weekend at Fair Market!
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 Born and raised Texans, Julian and Kate created Pastrana Studio out of their appreciation for well-made goods and hard work. The things that they are inspired by and enjoy most are evident in their design and product creation. They not only consider design when creating a product, but functionality as well, stressing the idea of creating for a purpose. For Julian and Kate, knowing that others will be able to use Pastrana Studio pieces in their homes to create their own memorable moments is the reason they put more time and care into focusing on each detail. From the selection of the materials they use to the craftsmanship of each piece, Julian and Kate’s process allows for them to create quality heirloom products that not only will be enjoyed, but passed down for generations to come and continue the story.
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While Julian and Kate handle different aspects of the business – the force between these two can be strongly felt in the finished product. Julian handles the construction aspect of the process which includes milling the wood, joinery of the pieces, grinding, and shaping to its final form. Kate handles the finishing phases which include an extensive sanding process, and several coasts of their oil-based finish.
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Both Julian and Kate have equal contribution in the design concepts, sketch up drawings, and prototype critiques for their products, breaking up the physical labor in the shop with photo-shoots, marketing, and packaging for shipments. After spending a long time working on prototyping and designing last year, Pastrana Studio launched an online shop in September while both had full time jobs. Julian is still a firefighter/paramedic, but just this month, Kate has started doing Pastrana Studio full time.
IMG_3407To the duo, there are no limitations when using the natural world for inspiration. Julian and Kate find something spiritual in working with wood; which allows them to create their pieces while continuing the existence of the wood’s inherent qualities. They appreciate the ever-present beauty and refinement of each piece of untouched wood, and that idea and thought process is a humble reminder to them.
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Pastrana Studio finds beauty in the wabi sabi nature of their medium. Julian and Kate don’t try to disguise a crack or knot in a piece of wood they’re working with – but rather find beauty in the uniqueness and incorporate it into their finished design.
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They allow the wood to speak for itself, to tell its own story. For some creatives, allowing the natural medium of their craft to tell its own story might be challenging. But for Julian and Kate, that challenge can be the best inspiration, gifting them a launching point to start their design.stool1 (1 of 1) copy
Through the continuing revolution within the Maker movement, Pastrana Studio stands out by using high quality hardwoods, refined designs, and master craftsmanship. pastranastudio_servingboard (1 of 1) copy
 We absolutely cannot wait to set our eyes on Pastrana Studio’s wooden wares at our Austin Fair and West Elm Pop-Up this weekend! Watch out, ya’ll, there might be some brawling over that plant stand! Check out the Pastrana Studio website, and spend some hours gawking away at their Instagram. See you soon!