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May 13, 2015

Amber E Lea


We’re gawking over jewelry designer and ceramicist, Amber E Lea today! Amber will be bringing her designs to our West Elm Pop-Up tomorrow and our Austin Fair this weekend!


Amber is a ceramic artist turned jewelry maker. Truth be told, Amber E Lea Designs evolved through a series of fortuitous happenstances. Amber worked with clay since she was a kid and hasn’t been able to deny her fascination with its properties. After studying ceramics and arts in college, Amber took a job at a local jewelry making company. Now, years later, she’s a jewelry designer and has started a company specializing in ceramics.singlestriperings


Amber began making jewelry for herself to fill the void of simple yet interesting wearables in the world. At first, Amber was drawn only to the timelessness and versatility of the color white. However, it wasn’t long, until she began creating all kinds of colored porcelains, experimenting with metals and hand painting 22k gold and silver lusters on to the surfaces. These miniature porcelain sculptures have become her passion. For Amber, bringing art into everyday lives is a beautiful and necessary thing.ringdish

Both the color palette and textures of Amber’s work are largely influenced by her time spent in the high deserts of New Mexico. Amber translates the intrinsic and extrinsic beauty of the four classic elements, earth, water, air and fire, into each clay piece.
 All hand-sculpted porcelain jewelry pieces are paired with fine metals. Once in awhile, Amber throws in the occasional leather or fiber element to keep things interesting. The raw porcelain’s integrity and durability is preserved through a series of high temperature firings in her kiln.firingupclose


Amber offered us a little peak into her studio and workspace. We love all the hanging inspiration, and the raw vessels waiting to be fired up in the kiln.

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed

We can’t wait to buy all of Amber’s designs at our Pop-Up tomorrow and Austin Fair this weekend! Check out her collection and Etsy shop, plus stay up to date on Instagram.