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Renegade Craft Fair

October 28, 2014



Our first Holiday Market is just days away, starting on the West Coast in foggy San Francisco. One thing our team has noticed while combing through the applications is that our curated selection of makers continue to create some of the best handmade goods out there. Magszilla is no exception. Based in Pasadena, this husband and wife team will be trekking their wooden products up to San Francisco this November 8+9 to showcase their stunning craftsmanship.


Magszilla is the joint creation of Margaret and Justin. Working as a graphic design for over 13 years, Margaret yearned for to create tangible products. After receiving scraps of wood, Margaret brainstormed ways in which she could hone her woodworking skills, thus creating a maple wood iPhone stand. After more designs and experiments, Margaret took a leap of faith to dedicate herself full time to MAGSZILLA. Learning through self-taught education and hands-on trial and error experimentation, Margaret has mastered the geometric line and modern design of her wooden craft.


In contrast to his wife, Justin works part time at MAGSZILLA and also creates an exclusive collection of wooden vases under his Bjorn label. Each vase is one of a kind and blends the storied traditions of Scandinavian wood carving with Ikebana. We love how Margaret’s modern and sleek wooden docks, clocks, and objects are juxtaposed with Justin’s organic and earthly Bjorn vases. Their common love of walnut wood fuses the two very distinct lines of products into a well-rounded collection of goods pleasing those who love both the graphic modern and the natural.


All MAGSZILLA products are handmade by Margaret and Justin, utilizing conventional power and hand tools, as opposed to CNC machines and laser cutters. Time and care has been put into each piece to achieve high quality products with a human touch. The absence of high powered machinery seems to make MAGSZILLA’S wooden objects all the more visually tactile.


Margaret and Justin kindly gave us a sneak peek into their Southern California workshop. 
workspace_bench workspace_shelf workspace_tools

Don’t you just wish you could have a large studio space with tons of remnant woods at your creative disposable?

process_sandingWe can’t wait to see MAGSZILLA wooden charging stands and Bjorn vases go home with lots of eager shoppers checking off their gift lists at our San Francisco Holiday Market! If you can’t wait to see more MAGSZILLA before November 8+9, you can browse the full collection on the Magszilla website, plus follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on the happenings in their wood shop. See you at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in less than two weeks!