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September 12, 2014

Little Bear Pots

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We’re doubling up on our Maker Spotlight features today, mostly because there’s so much amazing talent in Brooklyn that we just can’t help it! Today we’re featuring the incredible work of Little Bear Pots. Is it just us, or is there just an amazing variety of ceramic talent out there?! Little Bear Pots will be joining us tomorrow and Sunday for our Brooklyn Summer Market at 50 Kent. Get excited, ya’ll! It’s going to be an awesome weekend.DSCN1719

Little Bear Pots is collection of ceramic adventures by Lindsey Schneider. Filmmaker by day, potter by night, Lindsey crafts beautifully painted pots and dishes in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

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For Lindsey, making ceramics is all about small, repetitive movements, and she find the process soothing in its slowness and deliberateness. 


Every piece from Little Bear Pots starts as a ball of stoneware clay, ranging from dark brown speckled clay body to a bright burgundy clay called Brooklyn Red.


Lindsey finds a lot of inspiration in tramp art and Eastern European and African textiles, and loves when patterns and textures combine in interesting, tactile ways. We can definitely see the influence these textiles and art have had in Lindsey’s painted and glazed pots. DSCN1739
There is a lot of unpredictability in the process of making pottery and always a surprise when you unload a kiln. Lindsey loves this about the process and how it imprints on each item a little reminder that it’s handmade.


We can’t wait to see (and shop) Lindsey’s Little Bear Pots this weekend at 50 Kent! Be sure to stop by from 11-6 Saturday and Sunday to shop handmade at our Brooklyn Summer Market. If you want to feast your eyes on more beautiful ceramics, check out the Little Bear Pots website and follow Lindsey on Instagram