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June 2, 2014

Lindsay Lewis

With the second installation in our Mini Market series on its way, we are so excited to feature some of the incredible talent coming this June to Chicago.  Today we are featuring Chicago jewelry designer, Lindsay Lewis.


Lindsay Lewis started taking metalsmith classes at the age of 14 and hasn’t stopped since then.  She recently finished her BFA at the Art Institute of Chicago focusing on light metals, sculpture and other mediums.  After spending time working for other artists and jewelers, it became clear for Lindsay that she wanted to have her own collection.  We’re so thrilled that Lindsay is showcasing her new collection at our Chicago Mini Market!


Lindsay’s interest in sculptural jewelry formed the design of her iconic geometric cone pendants filled with various stones and jewels.  14winter_68

The ornamental features in architecture and buildings during the art deco and art nouveau periods inspired these brass pyramid pieces.  Lindsay fuses this historical art period with the inspiration she draws from working with crystals and other natural materials.

14winter_70 14winter_91_lores

Her love for raw crystals and the natural geometry and color spectrum they contain drives Lindsay to experiment with different techniques in order to create new designs that capture the beauty of the crystals.


All of the jewelry is designed in house by Lindsay.  Some pieces are designed step by step: from preliminary sketches on paper, material sourcing, to metal models, until the final piece is completed.  Other pieces are created out of a spontaneous session of experimental metalsmithing.  No matter what form the process takes, each piece is created with skilled hands out of love and care for the medium.

lindsay_benches_02 lindsay_benches_05


We cannot wait to see all of Lindsay Lewis‘ jewelry at our Chicago Mini Market on June 21+22!  Visit her website to view her collection, and follow her on Instagram to see behind the scenes of what inspires her.