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May 17, 2014

Caru Skincare Co.

COMBOpackOur last Maker Spotlight for the Brooklyn Mini Market is featuring the New York company, Caru Skincare Co.  Follow us on Instagram to catch the Caru Skincare Co. guest posts!  Caru Skincare is Dominique Caron’s company that is devoted to creating healthy, natural, and biologically sound products.  Dominique and her team promise a skincare line with no mystery ingredients, nothing artificial, and no compromises.


Caru Skincare was founded in 2012, launching one year later, setting out to create a line that would be everything Dominique herself would want in a skincare line: pure botanical ingredients and sustainable packaging.


Every product is made in small, handcrafted batches in a Queens, NY studio.  Caru Skincare Co. takes great care in handling each product in-house, even hand packaging each product and verifying quality control.  We love the scents and combinations Caru Skincare dreams up!  Not only is their branding beautiful, their soaps are, too!


Caru Skincare Co. takes great pains to be completely transparent with their customers, offering a comprehensive Ingredient List on their website, explaining some of their process and decisions to source only organic and sustainable ingredients for their products.


What is so clever and fantastic about Caru Skincare’s packaging is that it’s made out of seed paper!  Their paper is imbedded with the highest quality mixture of wildflower seeds, sprouting anything from Siberian Wallflower, Black-Eyed Susan, Forget-Me-Nots and Lilacs!  You can learn all about their packaging and how to sprout your seed paper here.

caru3We are so thrilled to have Caru Skincare Co. join us for our first-ever Brooklyn Mini Market tomorrow!  Be sure to check out their website, etsy, instagram, twitter, and facebook page.  Learn more about how Dominique makes her products while she guest-posts on our Instagram today!

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Can’t wait to see you all in Brooklyn tomorrow.  Get ready to brunch and shop handmade!