Renegade Craft Fair

Jury Criteria

Renegade is a juried event, and we review each application carefully and thoughtfully. We base our aesthetic vision for the Fairs on current and forward-thinking trends, and the jury criteria below:

Your work is innovative, contemporary, and avoids over-saturated themes. We encourage you to expand your work into new and dynamic places!

You use high quality materials and techniques to make your work. Items are beautiful, durable, and market ready.

Your online and onsite presence is well designed and aesthetically appealing. Presentation should be on par with your offerings while your online presence represents your most current work and general aesthetic.

Your work is designed and/or handmade by you, and not sourced in an unethical way. If you outsource your work in any way, please apply using the Ethically Sourced option in the Makers + Designers category.

Your work is cohesive and consistent, and you provide clear examples for us to see this in your online portfolio.

If you are a returning vendor or applicant, your work has progressed since you last applied. We’re always on the lookout for fresh ideas.

The average price of your items falls within what is typical at Renegade Craft, providing a balance of quality and accessibility for our attendees.