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October 27, 2020

PSA – Get A Dedicated Face Towel

The Secret to Cleaner Skin: A 100% Cotton Face Towel

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We won’t share the dirty details (pun intended), but did you know bath towels can harvest a lot of bacteria? In fact, using a bath towel to dry your face after cleansing can be a secret source of breakouts and other skin concerns.

So here’s our PSA – get yourself a dedicated face towel! Better yet, invest in this beautiful 100% cotton, hand-woven one made by Elytra Textiles.

Durable but soft, absorbent but gentle, this towel is loomed by hand (and with love!) in Chicago. We love this face towel so much that – dare we say – it makes face washing something to look forward to. It also makes for a very nice, can’t-go-wrong gift!