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October 22, 2020

The Art-Object You’ve Been Looking For Is Actually A Candle

Btween Spaces Makes Art-Object Candles That Look Good Lit and Unlit

Welcome to the Rc Spotlight: a place where we tell you about our favorite art objects, craft supplies, handcrafted products, and more.

Much like a car that is parked more than is driven, a candle is unlit for the majority of its life. The big difference (besides some 0’s 🙃) is that an unlit candle can act as an entirely different thing while not in use: an art-object.

Beautiful lit or unit, Btween Spaces’ candles look like little all-natural, paraffin-free sculptures on a mantle, coffee table, or even in a bathroom. Made in a variety of smells, shapes, and colors, we especially love to give them as gifts – the wrapping paper is *almost* as good as the product inside.

And even though you may be tempted to not light your tiny art–object, trust us when we say it only gets better. The natural fragrances used are light and warm, and the shape gets even more interesting and beautiful.