Maker Spotlight: Jill Bliss


Jill Bliss is an artist and illustrator living and painting in the Pacific Northwest. She recently left her longtime home in Portland, OR, and moved to a more remote location, to create art and live in a more natural setting. Her work lends itself perfectly to capturing the tiny natural details that could be lost in an urban environment.



Sometimes it’s hard to believe Jill lives on the same planet as the rest of us. Then again, take a look at a typical daily view in Jill’s neck of the woods:


Luckily for us, Jill’s more far flung experience has led to one of her most prolific periods as an artist. She’ll have lots of new artworks to share, as well as some collaborative projects, that have led to a new journal filled with her drawings.





Viewing Jill’s Instagram feed provides some insight into her beautiful world – she is inspired by even the tiniest forms of beauty around her. Her keen eye picks up on the most interesting textures and color combinations to create lush microclimates, many of which evolve into paintings.



Find Jill’s paintings, prints, cards, and journals for sale at Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco! Follow her on Instagram to get a daily peek into her life, and visit her website to see more of her work!

Maker Spotlight: Materials + Process


Today we’re featuring Materials + Process, a collection of handmade leather goods and accessories designed and crafted in San Francisco. Created by Christine Marcelino, a San Francisco based industrial designer, Materials + Process began with Christine’s penchant for new materials and sustainable processes and has grown into a collection of beautiful objects that will last a lifetime. We’re excited to have Materials + Process joining us again for Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco!

Materials and Process

The results of Christine’s obsession with using the finest quality materials are inarguably beautiful – each piece has a simple charm that is achieved by using the most beautiful and practical materials.




Since each piece is crafted by hand, you know that these leather goods are built for a lifetime of use. The simple branded logo creates a non-intrusive reminder of the maker, even their logo is artfully crafted. We love the quotes they use to entice shoppers: “For all those finding their frontier, may they go there in style.”


Shop Materials + Process at this weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco! Check out their website and blog to learn more about their process and their inspiration.

Maker Spotlight: Spark + Pepper

spark and pepper

San Francisco jewelry designer Meredith Peck will be joining us at Renegade SF this weekend with her beautiful line of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings called Spark + Pepper. Meredith’s jewelry is elegant, and features mythological creatures and symbols that lend an air of mystery.



Many pieces in the Spark + Pepper collection were made by carving the designs in wax then casting them in recycled precious metals. This process creates the bolder statement pieces like the Ouroboros Earrings and the Sun and Moon Necklace.



Meredith’s workshop is equally fascinating – from the chaos of her jewelers’ bench emerges the delicate and detailed pieces that make her line unique. Catching a glimpse into her sketchbook reveals more about her influences, and shows her love for fluid lines and textures. The third photo below shows a bit of the lost wax casting process, it’s hard to believe that these bold designs were initially formed from such a malleable material!



6133c2520f4e11e3beda22000ae80e87_7Shop Spark + Pepper at this weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair Winter Market in San Francisco! You can follow Spark + Pepper on Instagram to see what she’s bringing to the show, and RSVP for the event here. Come down to the Concourse Exhibition Center right at 11 to get first pick of Spark + Pepper’s one of a kind jewelry.

Maker Spotlight: Metropolitan Craft


Today we’re showcasing Metropolitan Craft, an architectural model company run by Laurence Srinivasan in San Francisco. Each piece is a to-scale model of a Bay Area landmark, a perfect for SF natives or folks who left the city earlier than they would have liked.

Laurence describes his project this way:

“In a way the Sutro Tower is like an undiscovered landmark of San Francisco. I think people have mainly perceived it as background industrial blight. However, this tower is quite elegant, it’s also the tallest structure in the Bay Area. Once I started selling the Sutro Tower [model], I discovered there was a widespread fondness for it! We’ve expanded now to offer the Container Cranes of Oakland as a table top sculpture… showing a little love to the East Bay.”


Metropolitan Craft 2

The wood is finished before lasercutting, then etched and scored by the laser to render the details. The result is a beautifully designed tribute to the architectural symbols of San Francisco.

Metropolitan Craft 3


Metropolitan Craft

Find Metropolitan Craft at Renegade Holiday Market in San Francisco this weekend at the Concourse Exhibition Center!

Maker Spotlight: Forest & Waves


For our first SF Maker Spotlight of the holiday season, we’d like to introduce you to Forest & Waves, an offbeat collection of prints, cards, and linen goods. Forest & Waves was created by Edward Juan, who lives and surfs in Vancouver, British Columbia. His sense of humor and distinct style is woven throughout each piece, and will certainly be enjoyed by the people of San Francisco when they encounter his work at the Renegade Holiday Market in SF.

F&W Portrait


Despite being based in Vancouver, there’s a lot of California love running through the Forest and Waves collection. Take this California print for example, which covers many of the state’s landmarks and special places.

F&W totes


Follow Forest & Waves on twitter, instagram, or facebook to get a peek at what Ed will be bringing to Renegade SF! If you live in the Bay Area, come by the show this weekend and check out his work in person.

F&W surf

Maker Spotlight: Margins


Margins is the work of Jeremy Rendina, an artist and printmaking living and working in South Pasadena. You may recognize his moon calendars from previous Renegade Craft Fairs; his silkscreen printed poster of the moon cycles of each month has been a popular feature of many of our fairs. We’re excited to have Margins as a participant in our Winter Market in Los Angeles this weekend!

moon calendar


All the prints, cards, and posters in the Margins collection are printed by hand, which provides a richness of ink that is unmatched by digitally printed images. Jeremy is dedicated to using the finest materials, and in his own words, he makes “every effort to work in accordance with sustainable printing practices that support the well-being of all living creatures and the greater ecological system of which we belong.” Margins is a unique company in that it draws on the natural world and numerous spiritual traditions, while respecting those places and traditions through his production choices.



photo 1

Margins offers letterpressed cards and posters in addition to their screenprints. These astrological sign cards are richly detailed, and would make a lovely birthday card for any time of the year.


This snowflake card is another Margins creation, collaged from scans of snow crystal micro photographs taken in the 1920s by Vermont farmer, Wilson Bentley. Individual snowflakes were caught on black velvet and photographed before melting to create a delightfully detailed holiday card.


Above you’ll see a peek into the Margins studio in South Pasadena. Those vintage moon posters provide inspiration year-round.


Shop Margins wide selection of prints, calendars, and cards this weekend at Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles! Visit the Margins website, and follow Margins on Facebook to see what he’ll be bringing to the show.

Maker Spotlight: Year One Surf Co.

year one surf co

We’re excited to have Year One Surf Co. as vendors at our Los Angeles fair this weekend! This uniquely Californian company works as hard as they play, and they’re finding success at blending their passion for surfing with an artistic approach to crafting surfboards.

Year One Surf Co.

Year One Surf Co. was created by Tyler Frome and Andrew Luttrell, two friends since grade school who have always shared a love of adventure. Together, they create unique, highly functional wooden surfboards which are handcrafted through every step of the process. They pair beautiful reclaimed lumber with personalized designs to create one of a kind functional works of art to be ridden for generations.




Getting a peek behind the scenes at Year One shows the intense fabrication process for each board – they treat each new piece as a unique opportunity to create a work of art, built to the specifications of the individual surfer. The results are beautiful in and of themselves, and each completed board compliments and captures the beauty of the California Coast.



Find Year One Surf Co. at Renegade Craft Fair Winter Market in Los Angeles this weekend, and visit their website and blog to see more of what they’ll be bringing to the fair.

Maker Spotlight: Pommes Frites Candle Co.


Today we are happy to feature Pommes Frites Candle Co., a Los Angeles based company that makes some of the best candles around! Run by Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger, Pommes Frites Candle Co. has participated in Renegade Craft Fair many times, and we’ve had the privilege to follow along as their company has grown. We’re excited to have them back again as vendors in this weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles!



Pommes Frites was started by Kristen in Austin, TX in 2008. While Tom was always happy to help behind the scenes, he came on board officially in 2013. Kristen brings over 15 years of candle making experience to the table, having poured her first candle at the age of 12. Each candle is handmade with care in their downtown LA studio – the candles are hand-poured with Pommes Frites’ unique blend of 100% domestically grown soy wax and fine fragrance oils, and hand finished with their simple apothecary labels. Their commitment to using the finest ingredients means that these candles burn extra clean, an added bonus to a sweet-smelling treat.



What started small has grown into quite a successful business! Pommes Frites candles are carried in over 60 shops across the US, including West Elm and Steven Alan. Pommes Frites has won over many a discerning nose with their scents, which include seasonal specialties like Spruce, Spiced Pumpkin, and “Mistletoe Special” – you’ll need to smell that one for yourself to understand it’s magic.


You can shop Pommes Frites’ candles this weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair Winter Market in Los Angeles! Until then, browse their online shop, and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see what they’ve got in store for this weekend’s fair.

Maker Spotlight: Small Adventure

002-prints-SMALL ADVENTURE-1826

Keiko Brodeur is the talented artist behind Small Adventure, a line of illustrated paper goods and one of a kind treasures made in Los Angeles. Keiko designed all of the printed maps for our winter tour this year, so if you visited any of our fairs this season, you’re already familiar with her work! If you are new to Small Adventure, you’re in for a treat – Keiko’s charming and detailed illustrations show off her curiosity about the world around her.

001-WEB-Small Adventure Holiday-4722


Small Adventure is an apt name for Keiko’s company – all her designs inspire a sense of awe about the great outdoors. Her illustrations range from landscapes to individual animals and wildlife; her new range of cards all feature beautiful scenes from varied locales. While Keiko takes her inspiration from around the globe, each piece of art she creates is unified by her unique style.


Small Adventure cards and prints are a great gift for adventurers and naturalists alike. This set of cards is inspired by the things you’ll bring on your outdoor adventures and voyages.


The Small Adventure shop also features some one of a kind pieces, like these birdcall necklaces from the Audubon Society that Keiko hand paints with a tiny bird – no two are exactly alike! A great gift for a birdwatcher.


Keiko was kind enough to offer us a glimpse into her studio where she creates her work (as well as packing and shipping out online orders!) You can start to get a hint about what inspires Keiko’s work just by looking at her collections – so many animals, including her own sweet kitty above.



Shop Small Adventure‘s range of prints and stationery at this weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles, and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see what she’s been working on, and get a peek behind the scenes!

Maker Spotlight: Another Feather

another feather 1

Today we’re excited to share a glimpse into the studio of jewelry designer Hannah Ferrara, who will be bringing her line of handmade jewelry, Another Feather, to Renegade Craft Fair Winter Market in Chicago this weekend! Her photos are decidedly summery, and transport us back to a moment in the most beautiful week of summer.

another feather 2

another feather 3

Each piece of Another Feather jewelry is hand crafted by Asheville-based maker and artist Hannah Ferrara. Inspired by her travels, the mountains she lives near, and an appreciation for well made objects and heirlooms, her line includes simple everyday adornments, as well as one of a kind metal made jewelry. She uses traditional metal smithing techniques and tools to craft each item, using recycled metals from sustainable sources, combined with the occasional natural object or repurposed vintage parts.

another feather 11

Each piece of jewelry is made with care and given special attention to detail, embracing natural imperfections of the hand at work. Hannah lives and works out of her Asheville studio, located in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

another feather 5

another feather 4

Hannah’s studio is just as beautiful as the jewelry she creates within it. Her artful eye extends into the decor, as you can see from her creative reuse of vintage pieces and natural elements. Take a look at these behind-the-scenes shots of Hannah at work!

another feather 6

another feather 7

another feather 9

another feather 8

Find Another Feather at this weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, and see this beautiful work in person! In the meantime, follow her on Instagram and check out her blog to get a peek at what Hannah is working on this week, and what she’ll be bringing to the show.

Maker Spotlight: 16 Sparrows and the Letter Writers Alliance

16 Sparrows Chi-Snowflakes

Today’s Maker Spotlight features a creative Chicago partnership that has been flourishing since 2003! Donovan and Kathy run two successful ventures that are interwoven into one stationery super-business: 16 Sparrows and the Letter Writers Alliance (both will be joining us for our Chicago Winter Market). 16 Sparrows was their original business, and the idea for the Letter Writers Alliance came from their experiences selling their work at Renegade!

“We’d be vending at fairs, and people kept picking up our stationery, stating that they were the only ones who wrote letters anymore. A light bulb just went off for us: what if we could connect these people who participate in this solitary art so they don’t feel like the only ones? That is when we decided to start the L.W.A., creating what we see as a specialized branch of 16 Sparrows. While they both revolve around mail and letters, 16 Sparrows is for the cynical paper lover who needs unique greeting cards and the L.W.A. is geared toward letter writers and mail artists.”


Membership to the Alliance gets you a fancy badge, member card, and access to the online clubhouse where you gain access to free downloads, new pen pals, and exclusive L.W.A. goods. The L.W.A. uses the Internet to corral letter lovers and inspire them to step away from the computer and sit down with a pen and paper. Their newest letter writing programs, Initiative Response and I.R. Ops, involve completing postal tasks for award badges and honorary titles. They also host letter writing socials and teach workshops, which are free and open to the public, members and non-members alike.


Kathy and Donovan have been working on the business for ten years now, so they’ve become attuned to the best ways of collaborating on projects. Donovan shares this insight:

“Kathy works on the tech end and I’m more the production end, but we both do a little bit of everything. Both of us create designs for the shops. If one of us has an idea for a product, then the other is the art director. We live in Chicago, Illinois and are lucky enough to live about a 5 minute walk apart. This makes our collaboration and production easier on our schedules.”


Looking to write more letters this holiday season? Letter Writers Alliance and 16 Sparrows will be bringing their stationery and snail mail supplies to Renegade’s Winter Market in Chicago, December 7th and 8th at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse. You can follow the Letter Writers Alliance on Twitter, and follow both Kathy and Donovan on Instagram to see what they’re creating during the run up to our Chicago fair!

Maker Spotlight: Sarah Mimo

Sarah Mimo Clocks 3

Today’s maker spotlight features Sarah Mimo, an artist from our Chicago line-up who uses laser-cutting in a creative new way to make beautifully intricate clocks! Sarah Mimo Clocks

Sarah Mimo Clocks 2

Raised on the outskirts of Chicago, Sarah Mimo has been a Brooklyn-based artist and designer for the past six years. Sarah began designing clock faces after traveling through London and Prague in the Summer of 2010 where she was struck by the ornate beauty of Europe’s public clocks.



Sarah Mimo in progress

All of Sarah’s clocks are laser cut, hand finished, and assembled with love and care by the artist. We’re excited to have Sarah Mimo as a participating artist in our Chicago Winter Market this weekend! Follow her on Instagram or Facebook to see what she’s creating to bring to Renegade! Visit her booth at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse on Dec. 7 + 8 to see these intricate time pieces in person.

Maker Spotlight: Fox & Brie

fox and brie

Dapper Austinites, take note: Fox & Brie will be selling their line of handcrafted menswear at Renegade Austin! Specializing in bow ties, neckties, pocket squares, and other men’s accessories, all of their items are carefully designed and made with high-quality, natural fibers—no poly-blends here! All of their ties are made with a variety of new & vintage fabrics collected from all over the world.

neck ties

fox and brie



Follow Fox & Brie on Instagram to see snaps of new designs, and photos of their ties at weddings all over the United States. Need a new tie for next year’s wedding season? Looking for a gift for that well-dressed man in your life? Find Fox & Brie’s booth at the Renegade Craft Fair’s Winter Market in Austin on Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st at the Palmer Events Center!

Maker Spotlight: Manready Mercantile

Manready Mercantile 1

We’re excited to share another awesome local maker who will be selling their distinctive goods at Renegade AustinManready Mercantile!

Manready Mercantile 8

Manready Mercantile 4

Created in November of 2012 by Travis Weaver, a small town guy originally from Zephyr, Texas, Manready Mercantile is a small business built on the values of honesty and hard work. Now living in Houston, Travis got his start by making candles in small batches on a stove in his apartment, focusing on a quality product made with all-natural ingredients. He initially developed 20 products and partnered up with his neighbor, Roby Fitzhenry, a graphic designer, who spear-headed label design and overall branding.

Manready Mercantile 9

Manready Mercantile 5

Manready Mercantile 2

Manready Mercantile goods are unisex, but packaged and branded for men. They give off an outdoorsy, rough and tumble vibe that’s different from anything you’ll find at the mall or the drugstore. In just one year, they’ve grown and developed a secondary “dry goods” line, T.S. Weaver & Co, which is focused on wood, leather, and various textiles. Follow Manready Mercantile on Instagram or Facebook  to see what they’re working on this holiday season, and visit their booth at Renegade Craft Fair’s Winter Market in Austin on Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st at the Palmer Events Center!

Maker Spotlight: Winter Cabin Collection

WInter Cabin Collection 1

Created with harsh winter nights in mind, Winter Cabin Collection is all about hunkering down and hibernating for the winter. This awesome collaboration between Mary Kate McDevitt and Man vs. Ink‘s Fred DiMeglio has resulted in some very cozy decor – banners, pillows, and prints that inspire a long winter’s nap.

Each piece is inspired by cabin living, from their vintage printed postcards and warm woolen pillows to the folksy banners, which are screenprinted with hand-lettered phrases. We’re excited to have Winter Cabin Collection selling their wares at Renegade’s Winter Market in Brooklyn!

Winter Cabin Collection 4

Winter Cabin Collection 5

Winter Cabin Collection began in 2012 as a collaborative project between Portland friends. While Mary Kate and Fred have since moved to New York, their collaboration continues, and Wanderlust Vintage in Portland will continue to be the exclusive stockist for Winter Cabin Collection over on the West coast. Lucky for New Yorkers, Winter Cabin Collection will be selling their wares at Brooklyn Renegade, including some new additions to the collection, like bandanas and  silkscreen prints on paper.

Winter Cabin Collection 3

Winter Cabin Collection process

A little peek into the Winter Cabin Collection workspace. Each piece is handmade with care, and is part of a very limited edition.

Winter Cabin Collection 2

Want to add one of their pieces to your own cozy cabin? Find Winter Cabin Collection at Renegade’s Winter Market in Brooklyn on November 23rd and 24th at the Skylight One Hanson.

Maker Spotlight: Billy Wolf


Billy Wolf: Fine K-9 Coatery is an American heritage dog clothing company founded in 2010. Billy Wolf’s founder created the first coat from a vintage blanket when she found there was nothing in the dog clothing market that suited her (and her pup’s) style. Drawing inspiration from authentic Americana roots, each Billy Wolf product is as exceptional as the dog that wears it. We’re delighted that Billy Wolf will be selling their goods at Renegade’s Winter Market in Brooklyn this weekend!

All of Billy Wolf’s products are made from vintage, dead stock, or American made fabrics and finished with salvaged buttons and handmade labels in New York City. Since their goods are made from quality fabric, they provide a durability that stands up to both mild-mannered and rowdy canines alike. By using existing resources and creating long-lasting quality goods, Billy Wolf hopes to contribute to a more sustainable future for both humans and dogs.



billy wolf

Here’s a few photos from behind the scenes at Billy Wolf – looks like the animals like to be involved in more than just the photo shoots!

BW 4

BW 2

Billy Wolf BTS

BW 6

Looking for a gift for your favorite pup? Visit Brooklyn Renegade on November 23+24, 2013 at the Skylight One Hanson where Billy Wolf will be selling their wares. You can RSVP for the Renegade Holiday Market in Brooklyn, and check out a preview of the goods you’ll find there.

Maker Spotlight: Paper & Clay

paper & clay fall mugs

Paper & Clay is the modern handmade ceramics studio of Memphis, TN artist Brit McDaniel. Her modern pieces are functional and utilitarian, and are inspired by classic mid-century American and Scandinavian designs. Each piece is hand-thrown, glazed and fired with careful attention to detail.

Brit mentioned that she’ll be bringing some special pieces from her Winter collection to Renegade:

“I am really excited to bring my Fall/Winter color palette to Renegade! I’ve settled on a rich dark teal, a deep golden yellow, and a wintery grey. I’ll also have several other popular colors with me including pale mint and a cheery Holiday red!

I’m most excited to bring my Sake sets to Austin this year. They are a new item for my shop and I think they will be a great Holiday gift. The set comes with a decanter and two sake cups. The best part is, the decanter can be used as a bud vase when you aren’t serving up your favorite spirits!”

Follow Paper & Clay on Instagram to see what Brit is making for Renegade – she will be selling her beautiful ceramics at our 3rd Annual Renegade Craft Fair Winter Market in Austin on November 30 + December 1, 2013 at the Palmer Events Center!

paper and clay 4

paper and clay 3

A few peeks into Brit’s studio:mugs in progress


paper and clay

(photo credit for last photo: Emily Michelle Jones Photography)


Maker Spotlight: Etwas Bags


If you’re a fan of beautifully designed leather goods… well, you’d better sit down. Today we are discovering ETWAS, another talented artisan who will be selling  their work at Renegade Brooklyn on Nov. 23rd and 24th.

ETWAS was founded by Will Lisak in 2009, and has been dedicated to creating expertly crafted leather bags, belts, and accessories ever since. Lisak’s vision for his company  is to create each product within a beautiful, energy independent system. Every part of the production process is meaningful, from the workbenches to their steel tools and copper rivets. Each aspect of the manufacturing process is purposeful and chosen for its durability or low impact on the earth’s limited resources.

In short, Lisak says, “We design everything to be repairable- because things that get ruined are no good.”




Etwas 3


Quality materials and quality workmanship are the cornerstones of ETWAS’ business practices. All their work is created with the best domestic vegetable tanned leather and assembled using time-honored methods. Besides their impeccable craftsmanship, another thing that sets ETWAS apart is their incredible commitment to their customers: they offer free repairs on their bags for life. Here’s what Will Lisak has to say about the craftsmanship of ETWAS bags:

“We use two-needle saddle stitching in a recessed groove for our seams, which is nearly indestructible. Our products are made to stand the test of time and it’s important to me that we stand behind that with a warranty like the ones companies used to offer.”


Find ETWAS‘ booth at Renegade’s Winter Market in Brooklyn on November 23rd and 24th at the Skylight One Hanson, and be wowed by their beautiful pieces.

Maker Spotlight – The Greater Goods

Mechanic Soap

The Greater Goods is a handmade soap company, created by Arian Franz from her studio in Greenpoint. We’re delighted to have The Greater Goods as one of our vendors at our upcoming Brooklyn Fair!

Arian’s philosophy behind The Greater Goods is simple: “Soap is one of those basic staple objects that we come in contact with everyday. There’s a ritual aspect to it’s use. We wake up, lather, rinse, (repeat when necessary!) and then continue to take on the day. I’m interested in bringing light to these daily rituals and making them more satisfying for other people.”  




All of her work revolves around the idea that handmade things are intrinsically beautiful and valuable. Arian approaches the creation of each new soap with care – each ingredient is chosen for its unique properties.

“There isn’t a more satisfying feeling than cutting a fresh bar of soap. I start off with a theme or a specific purpose I’d like the soap to serve. And then after all the calculating, measuring, mixing and pouring, the finest moment is seeing how it all came together. 

I love slicing the first bar, catching the surprising details in the texture, smelling the blend of the fragrances and feeling the weight of the bar. It feels pretty great, up until I remember that I can’t use it just yet… there’s a six-week curing process before we can enjoy the soap.”

Find The Greater Goods at Renegade’s Winter Market in Brooklyn, November 23rd and 24th at the Skylight One Hanson.

Vendor Tips – What to Keep in Your Booth

Newbie vendors, take note! We’ve been sharing posts every Wednesday in October about preparing for an amazing selling experience at Renegade. We want to empower you to take advantage of the opportunity to grow your business by selling at Renegade, and this series of post delves deeper into some FAQ that we get from vendors.

Renegade Craft Fair weekends are fun and exciting for our vendors, but there are simple things you can do to prepare yourself for challenges you might run into over the fair weekend. Our veteran makers have offered up some advice for you that goes above and beyond the checklist available in your vendor kit.

genevieve santos

Genevieve from Le Petit Elephant has some snack suggestions. She makes sure to bring, “something sweet (chocolate covered almonds), something healthy (edamame and apples), something salty (Trader Joe’s olive oil chips.. yum!), and plenty of water. Just to cover full range of my cravings.”

Read More

Maker Spotlight: considerthewldflwrs

considerthewldflwrs rings

Today we’re sharing some beautiful work from considerthewldflwrs, created by Emily Howard, a talented artist from Nashville who will be offering her handmade jewelry at Brooklyn Renegade. The simple beauty of her work speaks for itself, but hearing Emily’s description of her process is inspiring:

“My favorite part of the process is in the engineering side. I start with an inspired idea, and then I sketch the composition of the piece. After I have a pretty clear image I explore metals; cutting, soldering, hammering, and sawing in order to produce the design. The discovery happens when I step back and realize the beauty of the formed metal, while finding grace in its imperfect display of my original idea.”

Follow her progress as she gets ready for Renegade Craft Fair’s winter market in Brooklyn – she’s sharing glimpses behind the scenes on her blog and Instagram.

considerthewldflwrs necklaces

considerthewldflwrs rings

considerthewldflwrs rings


Emily’s studio houses makers of all kinds, and includes a wood shop, print shop, and motorcycle shop. Workshops and classes are offered on their website to allow these facilities to become a haven for creative entrepreneurs and innovators.

considerthewldflwrs 2

considerthewldflwrs 3

Visit considerthewldflwrs’ booth at Brooklyn Renegade on November 23+24, 2013 at the Skylight One Hanson to shop her beautiful selection of jewelry.

Tips for Vendors- Designing your Renegade Booth

Newbie vendors, take note! We’re sharing posts every Wednesday in October about preparing for an amazing selling experience at Renegade. We want to empower you to take advantage of the opportunity to grow your business by selling at Renegade, and this series of post delves deeper into some FAQ that we get from vendors.

somethings hiding in here booth

Booth design isn’t always the first thing our vendors work on when they are preparing for fairs (we know you’ve gotta make work to sell, too!), but a well thought out booth design can help make for a very successful show. Creating a space that highlights your work, while also communicating vital information (your brand name and your prices), helps to pull shoppers into your booth and gets them engaged with the items you have for sale. The booth featured above is one of our all-time favorites – Something’s Hiding in Here‘s ambitious booth design from Brooklyn Renegade back in 2009!

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Maker Spotlight: Benu


If you’re a fan of color, you’ll love London-based jewelry maker Benu. Each piece of beautiful leather jewelry is drawn, designed, cut and assembled by Pauline Hagan, and her striking designs are sure to draw some attention. We can’t wait to see her jewelry in person at our London show! Find her booth at the Renegade Craft Fair in London on November 9 + 10 from 11am to 6pm, at the Old Truman Brewery.

(Click the images to view more info.)



Benu leather circle necklace

BENU_At work

Benu matchsticks necklace

Maker Spotlight: Munie Designs

Three cheers for the handmade excellence of Munie Designs. These meticulously crafted backpacks and totes have a rugged sensibility about them that we absolutely love. Pick one up before your next hike, Munie Designs will be at Renegade Chicago!



mun2  mu3

Kid(s) + Play

Why should grown-ups have all the fun? Here’s a little round-up of our favorite wares for cool kids, all of which can be found at Renegade Chicago.


For the coolest sleepover E V E R . (Handmade huts by hiphuts)


A handmade ferris wheel that’s built to last (by A Summer Afternoon) kids4Because a baby can’t carry a watermelon. (By The Social Dept.)


Nothing is cooler than a mermaid puppet show. Nothing. (by Owly Shadow Puppets)


These bright, whimsical paintings don’t *have* to go in a kid’s room, but look how great they would look in one! (by golacygo)

Renegade Chicago Maker Spotlight: Milled Home Goods Co.

Get ready, today’s Renegade Chicago Maker Spotlight is a good’un. We more or less freaked out when we saw the work of Milled Home Goods Co.  Makers Matt and Hillary Voight are doing just about everything right, from their finely crafted work to their perfectly chosen painted accents. Please, join us in freaking out over just how great their work is.

All photos from the Milled Home Goods Co. website






Maker Spotlight: Cotton & Flax

Just thought we’d send a few eye-poppingly gorgeous textiles your way today. Today’s Maker Spotlight comes courtesy of LA-based Cotton & Flax. A shining example of rebranding done right (Cotton & Flax came to be after two other successful creative endeavors), maker Erin Dollar has created a line of home goods and paper art that might just make you want to redecorate your entire home. Or at least add a few new perfect pieces.

Another thing we love about Erin? She strikes a perfect (and difficult to achieve) balance between genius creativity and business savvy. Case in point: Finding that LA felt disconnected in regards to a creative craft community, she started a creative entrepreneurs group to bring together like-minded makers and creative folk so they could talk shop and feel more connected. As Erin says, “Having this community has made it easier for many of us to feel confident taking on larger or more ambitious projects, because we know that we have that support behind us.” Gotta love someone who sees a problem and makes their own solution.

Look for Erin and her lovely (and we mean seriously lovely) work at the Cotton & Flax booth (which she’ll be sharing with the equally awesome Small Adventure) at both the LA + SF Renegade Craft Fairs.

(All photos by Erin Dollar or Hollin Brodeur and used with permission)