THANK YOU! (plus, notes for 2014)

Last weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair at the Concourse Exhibition Center closed out our 2013 tour with a bang! Over 300 talented indie makers shared their work with eager shoppers, and the festive holiday mood kept things lively all weekend long.

Visitors enjoyed the free gift wrap printing workshops and weaving demos hosted by the Printer’s Guild and Textiles department from San Francisco State University, as well as the DIY woodcut map workshop from Woodcut Maps! The super sweet decorations from Twinkie Chan and Make ATX kept the venue looking festive, and we spied more than a few happy faces in the in the free photo booth provided by Magnolia Photo Booth Co.

Clockwise from top left: Small Adventure, Betsy + Iya, Lemonbird Jams, and Sean Mort Print Shop)

It was wonderful to see so many happy shoppers buying handmade for the holidays!

Thank you to our friends + sponsors:
And now, a note from the Renegade crew to close out 2013:

We want to say again how grateful we are to all our supporters: the shoppers at each of our shows, the many supporters from across the US and abroad who share what we do with their friends and family, and of course, the talented artists and makers who make each edition of Renegade Craft Fair so amazing. Thank you for another wonderful year! We can’t wait for what 2014 has in store, keep an eye out for the official list of tour dates for 2014 to be posted on our website shortly after the new year.

Up next is Renegade Craft Fair: SXSW Edition in Austin on March 13+14+15! Austin apps go live Jan 3 (on our freshly rebranded website!), so stay tuned. See you in 2014!

Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market in San Francisco This Weekend!

The 5th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market in San Francisco will take place this weekend on December 21 + 22, 2013 from 11am-6pm each day at the Concourse Exhibition Center. This free-to-attend fair will wrap up our handmade holiday tour with a slew of wonderful crafters, hands-on workshops, food, music, and more.

As always, we’ll be presenting a curated collection of some of today’s best + brightest indie makers. Browse this year’s line-up of 300+ artists here. With thousands of options for gifts and stocking stuffers, there’s bound to be something for just about everyone at this edition of Renegade Craft Fair

Strolling among the carefully curated booths at the SF Holiday Market, visitors can expect some of the very best in contemporary handmade crafts and interactive activities. In addition to the maker booths, the Concourse Exhibition Center itself will be decked out with installations and bespoke decor from Twinkie Chan.

Shoppers are invited to create their own woodcut map in a DIY workshop with Woodcut Maps, and learn about textiles as the Textiles Department of San Francisco State University hosts weaving demos all weekend long. Attendees can print their own bespoke gift wrap at the DIY Gift Wrap Station, hosted by the San Francisco State University Printmaking Guild. The free-to-use photo booth from Magnolia Photo Booth Co. will be on-site, and San Francisco’s best DJs will be on-hand spinning rock, pop, and soul tracks all weekend to provide the shopping and crafting soundtrack to the fair.

We encourage visitors to walk, bicycle or take public transportation to the Fair. The venue is accessible via bus or BART. There is also ample street parking in the area, and a pay-to-park lot on the premises. Use GottaPark to reserve a parking space near the fair. Click here to reserve your parking space.

Food and drinks will be available for purchase, including artisanal treats and a full bar.

Shop local and buy handmade for the holidays – you’ll find lots of fun and surprises at Renegade San Francisco this weekend!

Thank you to our friends + sponsors:

Maker Spotlight: Jill Bliss


Jill Bliss is an artist and illustrator living and painting in the Pacific Northwest. She recently left her longtime home in Portland, OR, and moved to a more remote location, to create art and live in a more natural setting. Her work lends itself perfectly to capturing the tiny natural details that could be lost in an urban environment.



Sometimes it’s hard to believe Jill lives on the same planet as the rest of us. Then again, take a look at a typical daily view in Jill’s neck of the woods:


Luckily for us, Jill’s more far flung experience has led to one of her most prolific periods as an artist. She’ll have lots of new artworks to share, as well as some collaborative projects, that have led to a new journal filled with her drawings.





Viewing Jill’s Instagram feed provides some insight into her beautiful world – she is inspired by even the tiniest forms of beauty around her. Her keen eye picks up on the most interesting textures and color combinations to create lush microclimates, many of which evolve into paintings.



Find Jill’s paintings, prints, cards, and journals for sale at Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco! Follow her on Instagram to get a daily peek into her life, and visit her website to see more of her work!

Maker Spotlight: Materials + Process


Today we’re featuring Materials + Process, a collection of handmade leather goods and accessories designed and crafted in San Francisco. Created by Christine Marcelino, a San Francisco based industrial designer, Materials + Process began with Christine’s penchant for new materials and sustainable processes and has grown into a collection of beautiful objects that will last a lifetime. We’re excited to have Materials + Process joining us again for Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco!

Materials and Process

The results of Christine’s obsession with using the finest quality materials are inarguably beautiful – each piece has a simple charm that is achieved by using the most beautiful and practical materials.




Since each piece is crafted by hand, you know that these leather goods are built for a lifetime of use. The simple branded logo creates a non-intrusive reminder of the maker, even their logo is artfully crafted. We love the quotes they use to entice shoppers: “For all those finding their frontier, may they go there in style.”


Shop Materials + Process at this weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco! Check out their website and blog to learn more about their process and their inspiration.

Maker Spotlight: Spark + Pepper

spark and pepper

San Francisco jewelry designer Meredith Peck will be joining us at Renegade SF this weekend with her beautiful line of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings called Spark + Pepper. Meredith’s jewelry is elegant, and features mythological creatures and symbols that lend an air of mystery.



Many pieces in the Spark + Pepper collection were made by carving the designs in wax then casting them in recycled precious metals. This process creates the bolder statement pieces like the Ouroboros Earrings and the Sun and Moon Necklace.



Meredith’s workshop is equally fascinating – from the chaos of her jewelers’ bench emerges the delicate and detailed pieces that make her line unique. Catching a glimpse into her sketchbook reveals more about her influences, and shows her love for fluid lines and textures. The third photo below shows a bit of the lost wax casting process, it’s hard to believe that these bold designs were initially formed from such a malleable material!



6133c2520f4e11e3beda22000ae80e87_7Shop Spark + Pepper at this weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair Winter Market in San Francisco! You can follow Spark + Pepper on Instagram to see what she’s bringing to the show, and RSVP for the event here. Come down to the Concourse Exhibition Center right at 11 to get first pick of Spark + Pepper’s one of a kind jewelry.

Maker Spotlight: Metropolitan Craft


Today we’re showcasing Metropolitan Craft, an architectural model company run by Laurence Srinivasan in San Francisco. Each piece is a to-scale model of a Bay Area landmark, a perfect for SF natives or folks who left the city earlier than they would have liked.

Laurence describes his project this way:

“In a way the Sutro Tower is like an undiscovered landmark of San Francisco. I think people have mainly perceived it as background industrial blight. However, this tower is quite elegant, it’s also the tallest structure in the Bay Area. Once I started selling the Sutro Tower [model], I discovered there was a widespread fondness for it! We’ve expanded now to offer the Container Cranes of Oakland as a table top sculpture… showing a little love to the East Bay.”


Metropolitan Craft 2

The wood is finished before lasercutting, then etched and scored by the laser to render the details. The result is a beautifully designed tribute to the architectural symbols of San Francisco.

Metropolitan Craft 3


Metropolitan Craft

Find Metropolitan Craft at Renegade Holiday Market in San Francisco this weekend at the Concourse Exhibition Center!

Maker Spotlight: Forest & Waves


For our first SF Maker Spotlight of the holiday season, we’d like to introduce you to Forest & Waves, an offbeat collection of prints, cards, and linen goods. Forest & Waves was created by Edward Juan, who lives and surfs in Vancouver, British Columbia. His sense of humor and distinct style is woven throughout each piece, and will certainly be enjoyed by the people of San Francisco when they encounter his work at the Renegade Holiday Market in SF.

F&W Portrait


Despite being based in Vancouver, there’s a lot of California love running through the Forest and Waves collection. Take this California print for example, which covers many of the state’s landmarks and special places.

F&W totes


Follow Forest & Waves on twitter, instagram, or facebook to get a peek at what Ed will be bringing to Renegade SF! If you live in the Bay Area, come by the show this weekend and check out his work in person.

F&W surf

Thank you, Los Angeles!

Thank you, Los Angeles! Last weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair at the Los Angeles State Historic Park was one of our most enjoyable shows yet! Over 200 talented indie makers shared their work with eager holiday shoppers, and we all basked in the glow of LA’s sunny and 75° December weather!

Visitors loved the free craft workshops hosted by The Unincorporated, as well as the awesome mechanical crane and drawing machines from Steve Craig! The gorgeous handmade decorations and installations from Jennifer Kim of Trim Shoppe and Margaux Fraise of Harmony Creative Studio kept the seating area looking festive as folks enjoyed food from some of LA’s favorite food trucks. As always, we saw lots of smiles in the in the free photo booth provided by Magnolia Photo Booth Co.

(clockwise from top left: Unurth, Made In Mayhem, Blarney Yarn, and Pocket Square Clothing)

It was wonderful to see so many happy shoppers buying handmade for the holidays!

Big thanks to you, Los Angeles, and our sponsors!


Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market in Los Angeles This Weekend!

LA press release image 1

The 4th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Winter Market in Los Angeles will take place this weekend on December 14 + 15, 2013 from 10am-5pm each day at the Los Angeles State Historic Park.  This free-to-attend fair will kick off the West Coast leg of our handmade holiday tour with a slew of wonderful crafters, hands-on workshops, food, music, and more.

As always, we’ll be presenting a curated collection of some of today’s best + brightest indie makers from Los Angeles and beyond. Browse this year’s lineup online here.

Expect a cozy craft village at the LA Holiday Market. Walking through all the booths is sure to be an inspirational and festive experience. There will also be site-specific art installations at the venue, created by Margaux Fraiseand Jennifer Kim. Local DJs will be spinning jams all weekend to keep visitors in the shopping and crafting mood, while the free-to-use photo booth from the Magnolia Photo Booth Co. will keep attendees smiling all weekend.

We encourage visitors to take public transportation to the Fair. The park is less than a block away from the China Town Station on the Metro Gold Line. There is also ample free parking on the fairgrounds.

Tasty treats abound at the fair, with savory and sweet food from some of LA’s most popular food trucks, including Greasy WienerCambalachesMeat The GreekNo Jodas, and India Jones Chow Truck, and Front Porch Pops. Coffee will be available from Brasil Kiss Coffee. Over at the bar, Barefoot Wine is on-site sampling 5 different varietals of wine and bubbly all weekend long! Beer and spirits will also be available for purchase.

Thank you to our Los Angeles friends + sponsors:


Maker Spotlight: Margins


Margins is the work of Jeremy Rendina, an artist and printmaking living and working in South Pasadena. You may recognize his moon calendars from previous Renegade Craft Fairs; his silkscreen printed poster of the moon cycles of each month has been a popular feature of many of our fairs. We’re excited to have Margins as a participant in our Winter Market in Los Angeles this weekend!

moon calendar


All the prints, cards, and posters in the Margins collection are printed by hand, which provides a richness of ink that is unmatched by digitally printed images. Jeremy is dedicated to using the finest materials, and in his own words, he makes “every effort to work in accordance with sustainable printing practices that support the well-being of all living creatures and the greater ecological system of which we belong.” Margins is a unique company in that it draws on the natural world and numerous spiritual traditions, while respecting those places and traditions through his production choices.



photo 1

Margins offers letterpressed cards and posters in addition to their screenprints. These astrological sign cards are richly detailed, and would make a lovely birthday card for any time of the year.


This snowflake card is another Margins creation, collaged from scans of snow crystal micro photographs taken in the 1920s by Vermont farmer, Wilson Bentley. Individual snowflakes were caught on black velvet and photographed before melting to create a delightfully detailed holiday card.


Above you’ll see a peek into the Margins studio in South Pasadena. Those vintage moon posters provide inspiration year-round.


Shop Margins wide selection of prints, calendars, and cards this weekend at Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles! Visit the Margins website, and follow Margins on Facebook to see what he’ll be bringing to the show.