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November 5, 2013

The Greater Goods

Mechanic Soap

The Greater Goods is a handmade soap company, created by Arian Franz from her studio in Greenpoint. We’re delighted to have The Greater Goods as one of our vendors at our upcoming Brooklyn Fair!

Arian’s philosophy behind The Greater Goods is simple: “Soap is one of those basic staple objects that we come in contact with everyday. There’s a ritual aspect to it’s use. We wake up, lather, rinse, (repeat when necessary!) and then continue to take on the day. I’m interested in bringing light to these daily rituals and making them more satisfying for other people.”  




All of her work revolves around the idea that handmade things are intrinsically beautiful and valuable. Arian approaches the creation of each new soap with care – each ingredient is chosen for its unique properties.

“There isn’t a more satisfying feeling than cutting a fresh bar of soap. I start off with a theme or a specific purpose I’d like the soap to serve. And then after all the calculating, measuring, mixing and pouring, the finest moment is seeing how it all came together. 

I love slicing the first bar, catching the surprising details in the texture, smelling the blend of the fragrances and feeling the weight of the bar. It feels pretty great, up until I remember that I can’t use it just yet… there’s a six-week curing process before we can enjoy the soap.”

Find The Greater Goods at Renegade’s Winter Market in Brooklyn, November 23rd and 24th at the Skylight One Hanson.