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May 12, 2014

Zoet Bathlatier


Happy Monday, Everyone!  Today we are so excited to bring the works of Zoet Bathlatier to our Maker Spotlight series.  Zoet Bathlatier is a small-batch candle, bath and body care company based in Malvern, Pennsylvania.  Ilka Evans is the creator behind Zoet Bathlatier and has taken extra care in handcrafting products with artisan quality and natural ingredients.  You’ll be able to find this line of natural bath and body care at our first-ever Brooklyn Mini Market this Sunday!


Zoet, is a Dutch word meaning: sweet, soft, gentle and fresh.  This word is more than fitting for a line of skincare products that is free from harsh preservatives, phthalates, sulfates and artificial colors.  Ilka’s line of candles is not the exception to this rule.  Each candle is a combination of soy/vegetable wax lead-free cotton wicks, and fine fragrances and essential oils.  


It’s no surprise that Ilka has a strong passion for natural skincare, as her grandmother had always created healing remedies from the various botanicals that grew wild in the Lowcountry.  So it was fitting that Ilka was drawn to crafting bath and body formulations from her own combinations at an early age.  Moving to a cold climate, Ilka began researching the best natural ways to heal and soothe skin and soon Zoet Bathlatier was born.


Zoet Bathlatier has evolved from a tiny company producing gifts for friends into a luxurious one-stop shop for artisan candles, soaps and bath products such as sugar scrubs and cleansing grains. Many are created from organic and all-natural ingredients, and all wrapped up in gorgeous packaging almost to pretty to open.  Ilka’s background in graphic design provides Zoet Bathlatier with exquisitely designed products.  We can’t get enough of these Mystic candles and their illustrated labels and packaging!mystic3

We are so excited to have Zoet Bathlatier join us for our Brooklyn Mini Market this Sunday!  Be sure to see the whole collection on her website and follow her on Open Sky to stay up to date.