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May 14, 2014

Yardsale Press


Today we are featuring New Jersey Maker, Yardsale Press.  Bryan Sculthorpe is the illustrator and screen-printer behind these whimsically humorous prints.  Yardsale Press will be selling prints at our Brooklyn Mini Market this Sunday!


These cheerful prints are meant to brighten up people’s living rooms and add smiles to their faces.  In our opinion, Bryan has definitely succeeded in that department!  We can’t get enough of these charming foodie prints.KeepItTogether72

Bryan’s illustrative style nods to retro advertisements with playful color combinations and patterns.  The “Looking Good” comb print reminds us of vintage ads fused with modern simplicity.

looking_good 72

All of Yardsale Press’ work is fun, silly, and definitely features a lot of puns.  We couldn’t help laugh at these Drinks of the House coasters.


We are so thrilled to have Yardsale Press join us again in Brooklyn for our first-ever Mini Market this Sunday!  13543683353_f9e908c772_z

Make yourself hungry by browsing all of Yardsale Press‘ food-inspired prints on Etsy!  See you all in Brooklyn soon!