Renegade Craft Fair

Women in the World Boutique
Curated by Renegade Craft

Sponsor Offering Form

Mastercard and Synchrony are sponsoring a unique and innovative engagement at the Happy Hour on Wednesday (9 pm – 11 pm) at the Women in the World Summit!

All 200 VIP attendees at the Happy Hour will receive a contactless payment wristband with a pre-loaded monetary amount of $100 – $150 for each attendee to use!

As part of this activation, Mastercard and Synchrony want to ensure that every vendor at the Boutique Curated by Renegade Craft can accept payment through contactless transactions. To get started, let us know about your payment system(s) below by Monday 3/11.

To allow support for Contactless Transactions and seamless customer experience, the sponsors are recommending vendors enable contactless transactions via the Clover Go device, if you do not already have a payment system in place. These devices will be provided to each boutique owner, you would be required to set up a free Clover account for these transactions if you do not already have an account. Contactless payment must remain an available option of payment for the three days of the Boutique.

NOTE! You will not be required to change your payment system, and your participation in the Boutique is not at risk if you do not have the hardware for contactless transactions. The sponsors will provide devices for vendors who do not have the necessary hardware.

We will share more details soon!