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July 22, 2015


brown stoneware collection

Gorgeous things are constantly popping up in Portland. The city is chock full of so many talented artists and Makers, one of them being VitrifiedStudio. These pieces will be making their way to our Portland Fair alongside Rejuvenation and the Sunday Emporium this weekend!

dark grey vase large

VitrifiedStudio is a small home-based ceramics studio located in Portland, Oregon. Started in 2011 by Shelley Martin, VitrifiedStudio was a dream of Shelley’s while in architecture school. brown canister set

All of VitrifiedStudio wares are all limited production, high quality studio ceramics hand thrown and designed in Shelley’s backyard studio. These handmade studio ceramics are an alternative to the high volume mass produced repetitive work you find in other studios, workshops, and factories.

vitrifiedstudio 5

Shelley understands the importance of not only handmade, but the importance of artisan and locally made objects, which is why Shelley and her partner chose Portland to put down their roots. Portland thrives on local, artisan culture and Shelley’s work thrives off of the city’s surroundings.herb bottles on sand 2

VitrifiedStudio vessels are utilitarian yet dramatic. The simple shapes of each jar or cup are complimented with deep glazes or contrasting lines. While Shelley’s palette is mostly neutral, the soft blues, greens, and browns of her pieces reflect Portland’s landscape so strongly.four brown cups

Each piece is unique, considered, and made only using Shelley’s hands, the pottery wheel, a few simple tools, clay, food safe / lead free glazes and natural cork stoppers. Just as Shelley’s craftsmanship evolves, so does her work and each piece tells a story.
pair of low mugs brown and whitevitrifiedstudio_1

The clay used is either colored stoneware or a white porcelain, hand glazed and fired in Shelley’s electric kiln to 2100-2200 degrees in her backyard studio.  Shelley loves being a part of the continuing tradition of pottery and ceramics that has been going on for thousands of years.throwing with lily

Don’t you just love that calm scene of Shelley in her studio with her cute pup? We can’t wait to meet VitrifiedStudio and see all of the ceramic vessels in person at our Portland Fair. You can find VitrifiedStudio online here: