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Renegade Craft Fair


  • BIPOC+ Artists
  • Clothing & Accessory Designers
  • Textile Artists
  • Moreno Valley, California

We are a small family owned business founded in the year 1920 in a small Pueblo called Chichicastenango in Guatemala; by our great grandmothers. Initially founded with the sole purpose to put food on the table for their families, over the years we have prided ourselves into making quality items, always with the intent of spreading our Guatemalan Culture and artisanal goods. Everything is handmade and on of a kind; never identical. Everything is created with so much love, using materials that will help preserve our Mother Earth. Whether it be recycled plastic for market baskets or vintage textiles to make accessories. Maya Alí continues to this day, to believe in quality over quantity and spreading the beauty of Guatemalan Culture.

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