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Renegade Craft Fair


  • Visual Artists
  • Austin, TX - Texas

I am an illustrator currently living in Austin, Texas. I offer prints, digital downloads, cards, and more featuring my beloved botanicals and heaps of nostalgia.

My work is most influenced by my country childhood, where my love of flowers and plants, listening to the wind, and watching the shadows change all began. My dad was a cowboy and my mom kept the house. They, my brother, and I all worked and played on the Kansas prairies while we tended the land and the animals.

When I’m creating, I’m inspired by things like the flowers my mom grew in her summer flower beds, the camper we took our lake vacations in, and my grandparents’ country farmhouse. Getting it all down on paper makes me realize how very blessed I’ve been. It just makes my heart so full.

I hope it does yours, as well.

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