Renegade Craft Fair

October 30, 2019

10 Winter Essentials to Shop at Renegade SF

Wintertime in the Bay is cozytime, with foggy days that turn into bundled nights.

Renegade SF is on Nov. 16 + 17 at Fort Mason, and the perfect time to stock up on wintery essentials (or even some early gifts!). Shop all these goods and more at Renegade SF or online. ☾

1. Parks Project 〰 National Park Sweatshirt

Perfect for nights by the campfire or fireplace.

2. Jala Dyes 〰 Terracotta Silk Pillowcase

Keep dry winter skin away with a pretty silk pillowcase.

3. Harvest & Mill 〰 Organic Cotton Socks

Under boots and on the go or bundled up at home, these are the best socks for all wintertime activities (and non-activities).

4. Three Gems Tea 〰 Loose Leaf Tea

Pour yourself a warm, fresh cup of tea and take it easy!

5. Happy French Gang 〰 Jumper

Soft and cozy yet flattering and cute!

6. HB MAKES 〰 Water Jug

The perfect bedside water jug!

7. Root Rise Farm Apothecary 〰 Apothecary

We’re not only lovin’ the bottle, but also the invigorating, organic oils inside!

8. Siamese Social Club 〰 Cat Beds

Wintertime is cozytime for us all: furry family included.

9. Uzmati Ceramics 〰 Incense Tipi

Get your solstice rituals ready!

10. Blade & Knoll 〰 Wall Hanging

Pretty and soft for days that feel the opposite.