Renegade Craft Fair

December 2, 2019

10 Things to Shop at Renegade Chicago

We’re no longer in early shopping hours, friends.

It’s time to get real about holiday shopping and check off that list! Luckily for you, Renegade Chicago is full of goodies, with 250+ giftable artists and makers. Shop all these goods and more at Renegade Chicago on Dec. 7 + 8 at Bridgeport Art Center or online. ☾

1. The Sunday Standard 〰 Cleansing Ritual Set

The gift of glowing skin – who doesn’t want that in their stocking?

2. Ugly Things et al 〰 Lip Vase

Like a kiss without the lipstick stain.

3. Alice and Wonder 〰 Chicago Sweatshirt

Our hometown! We love this place.

4. Aged & Infused 〰 Infusion Kit

Perfect for holiday party hostess & host gifts.

5. Covet & Ginger 〰 Notebook Mug

Gift with a bag of fresh coffee beans & wa-la!

6. Lee Lee Z Leather 〰 Belt Bag

Making your hips hip.

9. Larissa Loden 〰 Chandelier Earrings

Perfect for New Years Eve!

10. Triple Z Threadz 〰 Button Down

The coolest button downs out there!