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March 6, 2014

Throne Watches

Today we’re featuring a Brooklyn-based watch company, Throne Watches.  The idea of Throne Watches was conceived by 6 “tinkering friends,” all of whom share the common bond of taking things apart, seeing how they work, and putting them back together.  With a keen eye for detail and high quality craftsmanship, each vintage watch is restored and made new with handmade leather bands in their Brooklyn, NY workshop.
We absolutely love their mission of rescuing beautiful watches and re-working them into the modern age. “In the age of computers and smart phones, the romanticism of wearing a watch has fallen to the wayside; Throne Watches is here to revive it.”
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Each watch is paired with a hand-stitched Horween leather strap, mixing a classic accessory with “handsome ruggedness.”
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Throne Watches applies their refined taste to search out timelessly stylish watch faces.  With their skilled hands, these watches are updated with the perfect shade of leather, ultimately saving them from thrift stores and junk drawers.  There is such a large variety of watches available on their website, it’s impossible to not find five favorites immediately!
Throne Watches will be showcasing their fine watches at our Austin Renegade Craft Fair: SXSW Edition in one week!  In the meantime, check out the Throne Watches blog and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.