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May 28, 2021

Swimming Holes for Summer Days

We’re powered by sunshine these early summer days, soaking up every minute of every day as we head for the solstice. Frolic with us as we plan our next sunlit trip which must include a swimming hole, vitamin D, and a light sunburn. *Not really, wear sunscreen!*

What you’ll need:

Grab your sunglasses, silk scarf, and notebook for doodling and daydreaming, throw everything in this indigo dyed really big beach tote, and get swimmin’!

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Where you’ll go:

McCarren Park Pool 〜 Brooklyn

Where we had our first ever Renegade Brooklyn, McCarren Park is a historic gem. Explore, play, wander around, and cool down in the pool (opening for the summer in late June!).

Tilden Park 〜 San Francisco

We love you, and that’s why we’ll share this beloved secret spot in the East Bay, but don’t. tell. anyone.

Matthews Beach 〜 Seattle

Take a freshwater dip surrounded by trees, hiking trails, and sunshine.

Paradise Cove ~ Los Angeles

Park at the top of Paradise Cove Rd. on PCH to avoid parking fees and enjoy a day of sunshine backdropped by cliffs and wildflowers.

Barton Springs Pool ~ Austin

It’s no secret, but that doesn’t make this three acre pool any less magic!