Renegade Craft Fair

Style Guide

Photography + Social Media

Social Media:

Thank you for taking charge of Renegade’s social! Please see the below list to help you navigate and cover our Fairs. Renegade typically posts 1 image per hour from the start of each fair. This means you will be posting approximately 5-7 photos each day. **Keep in mind, if you are being compensated to run our account, please do not credit yourself as photographer, and only credit the makers you are featuring.**

For our social, our goal is to feature visually appealing images that engage and inspire. Renegade will provide a feature shot list, with approved copy for posting. For more general posts, focus on what you think best reflects the Fair and the city it is in, take part in the good vibes, and post accordingly. For the weekend, try to keep the aesthetic of the images consistent, so the collection of posts appears almost like a lookbook. Remember to tag the right makers when showcasing their work/booth.


Thank you for photographing Renegade! Please see the below list of shots we want to make sure are covered during weekend. Approach our Fairs like you would a special event, festival or wedding, using your expert eye to document the aesthetics and good vibes of our fairs. We love both the candid moments as well as the stylized displays from our Makers. If necessary, will supply you with an additional shot list with specific images that we’d like you to capture tailored to a specific Fair.

Renegade requests approximately 150-250 of your best images from the Fair weekend. Focus on what you think best reflects the Fair and the city it is in, take part in the good vibes, and photograph accordingly. For the weekend, have this list handy and don’t be afraid to ask a Renegade team member for help!

Crowd Shots

Some Fairs offer opportunities to capture our bustling crowds, use your creative eye to show how many come out to support handmade.

Vendor Portraits + Shoppers

Feel free to ask stylish shoppers and vendors to pose!

Extraordinary Booth Displays

Makers and shoppers love seeing exceptional booth displays–just make sure it’s the best angle you can get. *For our website, we typically use square images that showcase the full booth.

Beautiful Products

Renegade is jam-packed with stunning products that are independently designed and crafted. Be sure to capture them!

Experientials + Installations

Capture workshops, DJs, art installations, or anything exciting or interactive!

Shopper + Maker Interactions

We love promoting the one-on-one connections makers and shoppers share at our fairs.

Eats + Treats

Food trucks, pre-packaged goodies, delicious drinks, crowds lining up for treats, you name it!

Inspired Surroundings

Our venues are situated in beautiful settings. Make sure to take some time to capture the neighborhood and any noteworthy vistas.

Good Vibes

We’d love to see cute candid shots of everyone enjoying the fair.


Sponsors are a cornerstone of our fairs. Capture attendees enjoying the array of activations, as well as the larger set-up.  Feel free to grab a Renegade staffer to help point out which booths are sponsored.

Want More Examples?

Take a look at some of our albums on Flickr and feed on Instagram.