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March 30, 2015


Brick Vase 600px

Today we’re thrilled to be featuring UK Maker, StolenForm. The design team will be selling their ceramic wares once again at our London Fair on April 11+12 at the Old Truman Brewery.


Molding time-honored traditions of British craftsmanship with contemporary design practice, StolenForm specializes in recasting iconic urban features into striking decorative products. StolenForm’s designers, Christian and Ali, spent years journeying through London’s metropolis, finding inspiration in the urban environment. Their discoveries led them to notice the ubiquitous and foundational features of the city that are so often overlooked: a brick, a manhole cover over a drain or piece of piping could be reclaimed and elevated to a new level of function and aesthetic value.

Brick Dish 600px

StolenForm works with a variety of skilled mold makers and ceramicists based in the heart of the English Midlands, a region steeped in a history of craftsmanship. Each item is individually handmade with precision using traditional mold-making and slip-casting techniques.

Pipe Egg Cups 600px

Ali and Christian’s love for the understated, yet necessary infrastructure of the city is seen in every piece they make. One of our favorites of StolenForm’s collection is the Pipe Egg Cup, a perfect example of an understated, yet complex and intriguing structure. What is found commonly in our urban water systems, now takes center stage on the table, thanks to StolenForm’s appreciation of the design.

The clay used in production is a smooth white earthenware body, which is fired at an intensely high heat, transforming the material into a rigid and hardwearing ceramic state. A variety of transparent and color glaze is then sprayed onto the surface of the product, achieving a consistency of coverage that rivals alternative pouring techniques.

Manhole Coasters 600px

StolenForm is part of an ever growing movement to revive England’s once thriving ceramic design industry, championing the unique traditions of the practice and bringing them into vibrant contemporary context.
Salt & Pepper Pipes 600px

We are so excited to have StolenForm join us for our London Fair this April! You can preview their line of work on their website, as well as follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.