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Renegade Craft Fair

March 12, 2014

Stitch Prism


Today we are featuring Stitch Prism, a jewelry and aerium designer in West Philadelphia.  The designer, KellyAnne Mifflin, created Stitch Prism after making jewelry out of metals and objects found on the street for herself and her friends.  Since then, the business has evolved into kids classes and workshops, craft shows throughout Philadelphia and now an e-commerce site.  We are so happy that Stitch Prism is traveling all the way from Philadelphia to join our Austin Market!


The name, Stitch Prism, is meant to evoke thoughts about color, light, shape, weaving, and connecting – elements and ideas that inspire KellyAnne’s designs.  We absolutely love the interesting shape and textural combinations featured in Stitch Prism’s jewelry.


KellyAnne’s beautifully arranged aeriums consist of airplants, lichens, mosses, and woodland elements carefully curated and housed in glass containers.  Each hanging garden is unique unto itself, and creates a natural statement in your home.


IMG_8480We are so excited that Stitch Prism is joining us tomorrow through Saturday at our Renegade Craft Fair: SXSW Edition in Austin!  Check out KellyAnne’s unique jewelry and aeriums in person and show the Philadelphia native some of that southern hospitality!  Visit the Stitch Prism website, Facebook, and Etsy page to see all of her work and updates.  See you all tomorrow in Austin!