Renegade Craft Fair

June 18, 2020

Steps We’re Taking Towards a More Inclusive Future

Renegade friends,


On Blackout Tuesday, June 2, we listened. Then we researched, and learned, and created an action plan for ways that we can increase diversity and inclusivity within Rc spaces.

To hold ourselves accountable, we’re sharing our plan with you here:

+ During the past weeks, we have dedicated our social platforms to amplifying BIPOC Renegade artists, as well as used that time to research and discover new designers to feature, follow, and highlight. We will continue to support and advocate for BIPOC artists, and to use our platform to uplift their voices and artistry.

+ We will do more direct outreach to engage and attract BIPOC artists, makers, creators, and entrepreneurs to our events and platforms. This includes adding equal opportunity questions to our participation application so that we can concretely measure the success of our initiatives.

+ We will donate 100% of all participant and visitor proceeds from our upcoming Virtual Fair to the Black Art Futures Fund. We hope this will provide critical funds to small, community-based Black arts organizations who may be severely impacted by the precautionary measures taken nationwide in effort to curtail the Coronavirus outbreak.

+ In observation of Black and Indigenous people and their histories, we have made Juneteenth and Indigenous Peoples’ Day paid holidays for our staff to use as a time to reflect, educate themselves, and commemorate all that has come to pass in our country’s history.

+ We will update our vetting and hiring processes to attract more diverse candidates, and reinforce our commitment to a culture of inclusivity for everyone. We know that having more diverse points of view, experiences, and perspectives will make Rc a better organization from the inside out.

This is just the beginning of how we plan to instigate change and design for a better future for all. We welcome all of your ideas, creatives to support, opportunities for collaboration, and look forward to making these changes alongside all other individuals and businesses making a commitment to equality.



Thank you,

Your Friends at Renegade