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Renegade Craft Fair

July 23, 2014

SpazzHappyLine Designs

long and lean all three plant great

We are so thrilled to be featuring one of our newest Makers to the Renegade Craft circuit, SpazzHappyLine Design! Tiffany Zlatich started SpazzHappyLine Design in 2013 after starting a hanging mobile project for her home. What began as a hobby for home decoration soon became a side business.

double teardrop aluminum with plant great

A lover of math, geometrical design, and symmetry, Tiffany searches for balance in her designs. Since her start, Tiffany has rapidly produced unique metal mobiles and structures, with prototypes for animal busts and hanging pods in the works.

diamond sconce close II

A clinical psychologist by day, Tiffany is grateful for the time she has to create these metal wall hangings and structures. We’re grateful, too – we can’t get enough of Tiffany’s variety of minimalist designs to her more ornate wall hangings.

nesting triangles

Every piece of metal is sawed by hand, polished, and sanded individually in Tiffany’s Detroit studio space. After each piece is carefully cut and measured, it is assembled with monofilament fishing line and hung.

geo drop S brass plant II


We love the juxtaposition of the organic, wild aesthetic of the air plant with the symmetrical, cage-like structure of Tiffany’s designs.

heart brass plant pyramid sculpture M all 3We are so thrilled Tiffany decided to join us for our San Francisco and Los Angeles Summer Markets.  We can’t wait for LA to see these incredible metal structures this weekend!  You can view all of Tiffany’s work on the SpazzHappyLine Design Etsy shop, plus follow her on Instagram to see all the inner workings of her metal designs. See you all at Grand Park this weekend!