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Zodiac Earrings


Zodiac Earrings are inspired by the zodiac signs, this collection is an exploration of form, color and design. It is elegant, delicate, imaginative and fun. Each piece is inspired by the traits that are associated with each zodiac sign.

This is a made-to-order item. Please allow 3-7 days for production.


Capricorn: This ambitious and powerful ram is ready to make an entrance. Black opaque seed glass beads, grey metallic, translucent beads. Sterling Silver Rams. Approximately 1 1/2″ w x 5”

Sagittarius: Calm tones this Sagittarius piece is decked out in violet, pink, green and earthy tones of Swarovski crystals, round gold plated glass beads and Pale pink glass and greens woven beads. 1 1/2″ w x 6″ l

Scorpio: Dark rich colors that appeal to scorpio style edgy and sexy you will attract the attention of all.Opaque black and bronze beads,with crystal beads in grey, burgundy and black and metallic. 1”w x 3” l

Libra: Romantic and feminine like the spirit of Libras, this piece has a luxurious feel with a perfect balance of shine reflecting off two Swarovski Aureola Borealis pendant crystals. 1″ w x 3 1/2″ l

Virgo: Inspired by the bright earthy tones that are associated with Virgo. Virgo sign is woven into the deep earthy green in bronze seed beads. Multicolor color rainbow of crystal swarovski. 1 1/2″ w x 5″ l

Leo: Let’s roll out the red carpet for this lioness, shimmering in multicolored Swarovski crystals and round conch beads, ivory, caramel and black handwoven glass japanese seed beads. 2 1/2” w x 3 1/2” l

Cancer: This piece was created for the highly intuitive soul, that is Cancer. Delicate light blue tones alongside other glass beads in other blue tones. Approximately 2″ w x 2 1/2″

Gemini: A pair of hand woven snakes two per side represent the twins in Gemini. Made with japanese beads and swarvoski crystals. 1/2″ w x 4 1/2″ l

Taurus: For the confident Taurus, that likes to be fashion forward and always make a statement. Made with pastel pink, blue and green japanese seed beads and swarvoski crystals. 1” w x 4 1/2” l

Piscis: This piece is inspired by the free spirit of Piscis, the deep cobalt blue complements the cooper and turquoise beads to create a perfect balance between elegance and casual. Approximately 1″ w x 3 1/2 ” l

Aquarius: Free and flowing is the spirit of this Aquarius piece, stylish and chic made with deep turquoise , gold, light turquoise and cats eye turquoise round beads. Approximately 2″ w x 4″ l

Made by: Madre Hija Design

Shipping included to the US