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Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit


Crafted in collaboration with BK-based & Woman-owned Whiskey Distillery, Widow Jane, this artisanal cocktail kit includes all the fixins for an ace Old Fashioned in a custom wooden Bar Tote.

When workwear meets whiskey, they make a complete, artisanal cocktail kit for an after (or during) work drink at your desk, in the park, or any place the day takes you.

What’s Inside:

  • 2 NAOMI NOMI cocktail napkins made from our Exacting Green merino wool, embroidered with metallic amber thread (cut, sewn, and embroidered in Manhattan)
  • 2 Hand-blown rocks glasses from Nude Glass
  • 8 mini bitters bottles
  • 12 orange garnishes
  • 1 set raw sugar cubes
  • 1 set of filthy cherries

(You read that right: everything you’ll need for an ace Old Fashioned, minus the booze.)

All packed up in a handmade wooden carrying case to keep it all celebration/crisis/picnic/post-meeting ready.


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