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Sleep Botanical Bitters


Packed with the goodness of valerian, lavender, skullcap, lemon balm, and passionflower, this natural bitters will help you beat your insomnia so that you wake up fresh and full of energy.

Sleep Botanical Bitters is great for:

  • Reduces night-time anxiousness
  • Helps with falling asleep and staying asleep longer
  • No hangover effects
  • Aids in establishing a sleep pattern
  • Vegan, packed with natural adaptogens

Ingredients: Valerian, lavender, skullcap, lemon balm, passionflower, herbs and spices, glycerin, cane spirits.

Botanical Bitters

How To Use: Smooth, earthy flavor — shake well before using. Drop 0.5mL under your tongue. Let absorb. Add drops to smoothies, coffee, cocktails, or recipes.

Size and Servings: 1 oz reusable glass bottle, 60 servings per container.

Made by: Desert Bloom Botanicals

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